11 Pics You Instagram in the Fall

Though we’re still mourning the end of summer, the red leaves and orange pumpkins are just begging to be photographed. Needless to say, we all find excuses to take pictures of anything and everything fall-like. And, of course, all these pics must go on Instagram. 

Here are 11 pics you Instagram in the fall:

1. The Leaves Pic

This is basically always everyone’s first fall Instagram pic. As soon as the leaves start changing and falling, you have photoshoots with your friends. It’s a great way to kick off the fall Instagram season!


2. The Fall Fashion Pic

Our favorite stores just got new lines of flannels, infinity scarves and riding boots - so obviously we have to update our wardrobes. And what better way to show off our new fall clothing than a cute Insta?


3. The Football Season Pic

Fall means football season! From friends and family to tailgates and school spirit, there’s just something about game day that we have to Instagram … even if it rains.


4. The Sunset Pic

Yes, there are sunsets year-round, but there’s something about the trees, the chilly evenings and the colored sky that’s too good to ignore. Snap a pic. Share the beauty.


5. The Halloween Pic

This one is self-explanatory. Whether you go all out for Halloweekend or just attend one party, a Halloween Instagram always makes the cut.


6. The Comfy Cozy Pic

A cup of coffee plus your fave Netflix show along with a cozy blanket equals a relaxing, much-needed night in. So throw on your favorite sweats, snap a pic and show off just how much cozier you are than all of your followers. Then, snuggle in and watch Grey’s all night.


7. The #Tbt to Summer Pic

You’re starting to lose your tan, you wear more sweaters and your nose is always cold. You miss the sun, sand and surfing - it’s #tbt time!


8. The Pumpkin Pic

Whether you’re picking or carving, the pumpkin pic is mandatory because, come on, the pumpkin is a fall staple. Everything has pumpkins on it and is pumpkin-flavored - we’re basically drowning in pumpkins. Let your Instagram embrace the pumpkin.


9. The Thanksgiving Feast Pic

You’ve been living off of water and ramen for months. Now, in this glorious weeklong break, you get a homemade meal. Not only that, but it’s a Thanksgiving meal. The table looks so pretty that you have to snap a pic before digging in!


10. The Being-Reunited-With-Your-Pet-Over-Break Pic

After months of separation, you finally get to see your furry little friend again. It’ll be great to see friends and family, but - let’s be real - you missed your pet the most. You have to post an Insta just to use the hashtag #ReunitedAndItFeelsSoGood.


11. The PSL Pic

Do we really have to explain this one?

Happy fall, collegiettes! May the likes be ever in your favor.


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