100 Things I Love About THON

With 100 days until the greatest weekend of the year (THON), I couldn’t choose just one reason why I am forever grateful for this amazing cause that has brought so many Penn State students together. It seemed fitting to list 100 reasons why I love The Penn State Dance Marathon. 


  1. First and Farimost: The kids

  2. The atmosphere when you walk in

  3. Everyone coming together for one amazing cause

  4. The sense of community

  5. The energy

  6. The Line Dance

  7. The Final Four Hours

  8. Seeing the kids faces light up when you play with them

  9. Canning

  10. The philanthropic aspect

  11. Having the kids squirt you with water guns

  12. Seeing thousands of kids, on their feet, dancing in the stands

  13. The unity

  14. The excitement

  15. The fact that it provides hope for families

  16. The alumni who never fail to donate for a cause they always support

  17. The Family Carnival

  18. The THON fashion show

  19. The Four Diamonds Fund

  20. The kids talent show

  21. The committees coming together

  22. The families

  23. Family Hour

  24. The THON 5k

  25. The linking of arms during the final four hours

  26. The stories

  27. The memories made while there

  28. The recap videos

  29. The history behind it all

  30. The collaboration between organizations

  31. The support from the community

  32. The efforts put in by the captains and committee members

  33. Go Go Gadget after Family Hour

  34. The human tunnel

  35. The feeling students get to feel like kids again

  36. Theme reveal

  37. Athlete Hour

  38. The professors who realize that THON is more important than class

  39. The hugs

  40. Getting and making dancer mail

  41. Seeing the kids eyes light up when they receive a piece of kids mail

  42. Watching the kids run around in their kids mail shirts that are way too big for them

  43. Watching the athletes throw the kids on their shoulders so that they see THON from a different perspective

  44. The families that come back year after year

  45. The dedication of the organizations to their THON families

  46. The laughs

  47. The smiles

  48. The PB&J from Hos

  49. Seeing the THON children spend the weekend being kids, and forgetting, even just for a little while that they have cancer

  50. How it gives us a different perspective on life

  51. The little sleep we get- but us embracing every moment

  52. Seeing how each committee has a different but important role in THON

  53. The total countdown

  54. Color Wars

  55. R&R keeping THON safe for all of us

  56. HOS allowing us to keep our dancers well and hydrated

  57. OPP ensuring clean floors and healthy conditions

  58. Special Events making sure that we have fun games for the dancers

  59. Dancer Relations giving life to the dancers when they really can't stand anymore

  60. Finance keeping track of all of the funds for the Four Diamonds Fund

  61. DAR engaging the alumni and encouraging them to continue to support a cause they love

  62. PR because without them, we couldn’t capture the magic that is THON

  63. ENT to keep us moving when we’re tired

  64. Communications to help educate us and everyone around us

  65. FAMILY RELATIONS- FOR THE FAMILIES, the most important reason why we’re here

  66. Merch so that we can rep THON at all times

  67. SL because without them, no balloon arches would be complete and the supplies would be lost without them

  68. That it’s the most acceptable time to wear a tutu for extended periods of time

  69. Piggy Back rides for the dancers to get them off their feet

  70. Throwing up your diamonds with the Nittany Lion

  71. That it’s the most acceptable time to wear a fanny pack

  72. The high socks

  73. That this is the most fun all nighter you’ll ever pull

  74. Coach Franklin walking out on stage

  75. Charles Mellard speaking

  76. Hearing the family speaker

  77. Remembering all of the lives that were lost

  78. Seeing the kids laugh up on stage

  79. The grilled cheese from the concession stands

  80. The fact that we get to use meal points for food in the BJC

  81. The lifelong friends that you’ll make by being part of a committee

  82. Dancing (very poorly) in the stands like no-one is watching

  83. Learning the Line Dance for the first time

  84. The bubble wands

  85. The beach balls getting thrown around the BJC

  86. The magic

  87. The four diamonds that are shaved into the kids/dancers heads

  88. The creative slogans on the back of the THON dancer shirts

  89. Watching the hair donation

  90. The WE ARE chants throughout the whole BJC

  91. The slides of strength

  92. Austin Sommer’s amazing hair

  93. The football team’s dance during the Pep Rally

  94. Happy Quarters

  95. Awkward Ice Breakers that lead to amazing friendships come THON weekend

  96. The delusion come Sunday afternoon

  97. Sunshines

  98. The THON Raffle

  99. Never Stopping Fighting

  100. For the cure.