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10 Tips For Underclassmen From A College Senior

Starting college can be scary, and often times, new students don’t know what to expect. After reflecting on my three years I’ve spent in college, I wish someone gave me advice as a freshman and sophomore. So, here’s my list of ten tips for all college underclassmen:


1. Join clubs early on.

I know everyone says you should get involved, but really, get involved! By joining clubs early on, you’ll make more friends and it’s a good way to gain leadership experience and boost your resume.


2. Look for internship opportunities when you’re a sophomore.

Again, this will boost your resume and give you a head start in your life after college! Even if the internship isn’t specifically associated with your current major, it’ll definitely serve as a useful learning experience – and it’s a bonus if it’s paid!


3. Talk to people in your classes.

Being friendly with other people in your classes is a great idea, especially when you need a study partner or miss a class and need to get the notes you missed.


4. Make time to workout.

You won’t regret making time to workout; college is stressful and working out is a way to both relieve that stress and become more confident in your body. It also doesn’t hurt to dodge the Freshman 15.


5. Have fun!

Usually your first few semesters of college consist of introductory classes, so take advantage of this extra time you have by hanging out with friends and going out while you can afford it.


6. Be nice to your parents when you’re home for breaks.

Your parents are only getting older, so stop being rude and start appreciating all that they do for you.


7. Clean up after yourself.

Sharing a room with someone is already an unfortunate circumstance, so being respectful of your shared common space is a good idea. You won’t annoy your roommate and you’ll also become more organized overall. Being straightforward from the get-go isn’t a bad idea either.


8. Study!

Force yourself to the library, its not as bad as it seems. You’ll get motivated to study by surrounding yourself with people doing the same thing; and always remember, Quizlet is your best friend.


9. Save money.

As college students, we’re all broke – so saving up money from your summer job or even putting spare change in a piggy bank will help you out in desperate times of need.


10. Stay in touch with friends from home when you’re at school and friends from college when you go home!

Your friends from home are your OG group; they’ve known you for the longest time, so don’t risk losing contact with them just because of distance. The same goes for the new friendships you’ve forged throughout college; let’s be honest, who are going to be your bridesmaids and groomsmen when you get married one day?

Jackie Finnegan is a Senior at Penn State. She is majoring in both Art and Advertising. She loves expressing her creative side through painting and enjoys getting some fresh air either by snowboarding or hiking with friends.
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