10 Things No One Tells You About Dorm Life

Before heading into college, freshmen see those cute Instagram and Pinterest photos of adorable (adormable?) dorm rooms with the Christmas lights and roommates with matching comforters. Freshmen are told horror stories about living with new people, or beautiful fairytales where roommates later in life are each other’s bridesmaids.

The truth of dorm-living, however, is never fully revealed. There are just some things too ugly for Instagram to post. So, here’s a list of ten things no one tells you about dorm life:

1. The water pressure in some showers, as well as the temperature of the water, never seems to be a Goldilocks “just right.” 

Some days, you’ll stand there shivering in the corner like a sad puppy, while other days you will have red burns on your back. It is what it is.


2. Your RA is not always going to be there for you. 

Whether she finds your alcohol, yells at you for being too loud, awkwardly stands in the elevator next to you, or just barely speaks English, don’t set your expectations too high.


3. Some people? They don’t know how to flush. 


Shame these people when you find them because they make your bathroom experience significantly worse.


4. Because there is no place to prop your legs up in the shower, you will almost always “miss a spot” when shaving.

Why? Just why?


5. Dust collects. Everywhere. 

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


6. Some pictures you hang up on your wall by your bed can fall on you in the middle of the night, causing you to scream bloody murder.

Does my sleep mean nothing to you?


7. If there’s a bus stop right outside your window, may the world have mercy on your soul. 

Especially on the weekends.


8. The days you’re late to class are the days the elevator will stop at every floor, just to frustrate you to the nth degree.

You're kidding, right?


9. Sometimes, your towel falls off on your way to shower and suddenly, you become very aware of the co-ed living arrangements.

No. Nope. No.


10. Kleenex is your best friend. You can never get enough.



So here’s to that day when we get an apartment or come home for break. Whatever comes sooner, really.