10 Things That Are Harder Than Registering to Vote

It’s voting season, collegiettes! If you’re like me and want to turn the country blue, we have to get out and vote, vote, vote! We can’t live in the country we want to live in without having intelligent women like us getting the vote. Registering to vote might seem very daunting and scary, but it’s so important! Here’s a list of ten things that are way harder than registering to vote:


1. Getting to class on time.


2. Getting the perfect wing on your eyeliner.


3. Making it through an episode of Grey’s Anatomy without crying.


4. Picking the right shoes to go out in.


5. Deciding what movie to watch on Netflix.


6. Figuring out your Starbucks order.


7. Going to Target without spending $100 on stuff you don’t actually need.


8. Paying $5 in shipping cost.


9. Going to sleep on time.


10. Logging onto social media.


Let’s kill the vote this year, collegiettes! Register to vote here: https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote.