10 Steps To Becoming A Morning Person In College

Ah, college. The times for staying out late partying, having a good ol’ fun time with your buddies. Parties and tailgates and everything galore. But at the end of the day, we all need to remember that we are here for school in the first place, which means waking up early and getting ready early - something we all dread doing. As a morning person myself, though, here are my top 10 ways for someone to be able to wake up with a bit more of a perk in their step.


1. Take it one day at a time

This is basically just a simple thing to do. It’s like all-nighters. We all prefer not to study for tests just one night until five in the morning, so we try to spread it out over a couple of days. That’s what you need to do. Try waking up a little earlier each day, and sooner or later, your body is going to get used to the change in your internal alarm clock.


2. Listen to music

Music really gets people jumping. Whether it’s the latest from Ariana Grande or it’s a rap song that gets you hyped, listening to any kind of music always wakes people up and give them a little more energy than you thought you would have.


3. Eat something. Seriously.

I know hundreds of people to the thousands of college students skip breakfast because they don’t feel like they'll have time, but trust me, you need to eat something. It’s an essential part of our day and if you don't, then you’ll just end up being tired wherever you go from there. It could be something you cook or literally a granola bar. Either one will work for a bit more energy.


4. Take showers just to wake up

This is kind of a no-brainer. Water is the ultimate wake-up tool. Once you step into a steamy shower, you can melt the stress of the previous day away and start the day off on a fresh note, along with smelling really nice.


5. Talk with people

Ugh. Talking. No one really likes to talk in the morning until we’ve had our coffee or tea or whatever makes you mobile. But truly talking with people wakes up the brain and gets those coherent thoughts going. And someone might say something funny to make you laugh. I feel like that’s always a reason to talk to someone.


6. Workout

This is always something I try to do when I wake up super early, but you don’t need to wake up at seven in the morning like I do to workout. Endorphins honestly are the best thing to get your blood pumping. Once you workout and you’re feeling good about yourself, you’re gonna be able to take on any challenge the day gives you.


7. Or do something you love

No one said you had to wake up quick! Spend some time on Netflix and watch an episode. If you like video games, play a couple of rounds on your phone or on your console. If you like YouTube, watch a couple of videos. Really, it’s worth it to just take that time out for yourself and enjoy something you love to do to get you ready to get up.


8. Spend time on yourself

I know it’s tempting to just put on some sweatpants and hike to class that way, but really, once you start to spend some time on yourself and really think about how you want to look, your mood will escalate ten-fold. I can promise you that the day I started taking the time out of my morning to put on makeup was one of the best days ever because it made me realize that I really wanted to do this everyday; feel confident everyday.


9. Meditate

I only just started doing this, but taking the time out of your morning to mediate really does help. There are so many videos online for you to watch, some that are long and some that are short. But once you do, you’ll find yourself feeling relaxed afterwards and prepared for whatever the world may through at you, whether it be schoolwork or annoying people.


10. Reassure yourself more

Sometime we really dread what’s going to happen in a day. We might be worried about a test or an interview or something along those lines. Maybe even a date that’s happening. But what you should do is just look at yourself in the mirror and say “I’m going to kick today’s ass.” Reaffirm that positive mental attitude everyday, and you’ll be A-Okay to brave the day. No one wants to start the day off on a negative note.