10 Stages of Binge-Watching Netflix As Told By Friends

If someone has ever tried to tell you that they’ve never binge-watched a show before, they’re lying. We’ve all been there - huddled for days in our rooms with our favorite blanket, favorite snack, and 25 straight episodes of our favorite show. Like all addictions, binge-watching Netflix has its stages. But there's one show in particular that is popular enough to have its very own set.

Here are the 10 stages of binge-watching Netflix as told by Friends, the ultimate binge-watching show.


Stage 1

You hear about a show from family, friends, the Internet... somewhere. And something about it catches your interest.


Stage 2

You finally have 25 (or 45) minutes to spare out of your busy collegiette life. Hmm… maybe you should watch the first episode of that show you heard about...


Stage 3

It’s Sunday. You’ve finished all of your homework and have nothing to do all day. Might as well see what the next two… or ten… episodes are like.


Stage 4

Turns out you didn’t actually finish all of your homework. But, for some reason, you don’t care. You just want to watch more of that show. So you do.


Stage 5

Quickly, the characters' lives mean more to you than your own. You cry when they cry, and you fall in love when they fall in love. You’re officially obsessed.


Stage 6

Honestly, your life is just spiraling out of control, but you live and breathe Netflix. It’s fine. You’re fine. Just keep watching.


Stage 7

Suddenly, you realize that you only have a few episodes left. You actually slow down the binging. Maybe you even wait a few days. You’re just not ready to let go.


Stage 8

Finally, you watch the last episode. You cry regardless of whether or not it’s a good ending. After so long, it’s actually over.


Stage 9

You feel like there’s a part of your heart missing. It’s like a breakup... you need time. You catch up on your homework, read a book and try to recover.


Stage 10

Then one day, unwillingly, you hear your friends talking about this new show…


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