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10 Signs Your Ready For Thanksgiving Break

With a week until Thanksgiving break, you are starting to realize your daily routines are changing with each day closer to spending a week with your dog and your mom’s home cooking. Here are 10 signs that you are ready for Thanksgiving Break. 


1. The naps you take daily have increased a dangerous amount.


2. You’d rather starve than eat dining hall food.


3. When all you can think about is that amazing home cooked thanksgiving meal your going to devour when you get home.


4. Getting your work done seems harder than climbing Mount Everest.


5. You don’t bother taking your headphones out when people try to talk to you.​


6. Every phone call with your mom seems to end in a pool of tears.


7. Your bank account is scarier than the election this year.


8. You can’t wait to sit on the toilet without an audience.


9. Your floor has turned into your laundry basket.


10. And even Thirsty Thursdays can’t seem to relieve your desire to be home sweet home. 

So hang in there, you’re almost ready for Turkey Time! 


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