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10 RedBubble Stickers You NEED To Decorate Your Laptop

Chances are, if you’re reading this on a laptop, you have either purchased or considered purchasing stickers for your case. Laptop stickers are the perfect way to add some personality to your device. If you’re like me, you spend hours a week looking at stickers anyway, so here’s a nice little list of RedBubble stickers that’ll have you clicking “Add to cart”:

1.  “Treat Her Right (Mother Earth) Sticker” by progprints

Not only is this sticker’s minimal color palette and design super cute, it also sends a real message. Let people know that you care about the Earth! (also, maybe recycle of something because just buying this sticker probably won’t cut it)


2. “dancing skeleton having fun” by hannahbrugge

Honestly what better way is there to express yourself than by putting a funky little skeleton on your laptop? It doesn’t care what anyone thinks and honestly? I’m proud of it.


3. “Go With The Flow” by liatafolla 

This is a great one if you constantly need to be reminded to calm down. Sometimes you just have to roll with it, and this sticker will remind you of that every time you take our your laptop. 


4. “This Is A Load Of Barnacles - Spongebob Sticker” by LagginPotato64

If you weren’t half raised by Spongebob, who are you? This is the perfect sticker to both reminisce and let people know how cool you are (because liking Spongebob automatically makes you cool).


5. “make yourself proud” by shuemer

We’ve got to balance out the memes with the self care, right? This sticker reminds you to make yourself proud, and if that isn’t laptop worthy, then what is?


6. “Cut Me Some Slacks Sticker” by obinsun

Real talk: this might be the best sticker on this list. Such a funny pun with a clever little illustration? Sign me up.


7. “nugget dino” by amysthetic

No comment needed. 

8. “Less Upsetti More Spaghetti” by jellyelly​

Spaghetti is objectively the best meal, and when you sprinkle a little positivity on top? Boom. Sticker worthy. Plus it rhymes.


9. “Cool Kitties Sticker-pack” by Elisecv​

Not only does this pack come with four (4!!) stickers of cats, but they’re even wearing accessories! Each one is an individual mood, so it’s a pretty good investment.


10. “Knitting a brain” by Evgenia Chuvardina​

This is one of my favorites because of the intricacies of the design, but also the meaning of it. Maybe I’m thinking too deep into it, but something about the message of building your own brain is super cool. You’re in charge of your own thoughts, yo.

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