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10 Reasons Why Grey’s Anatomy is the Best Show in America

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most binge-watched shows on Netflix, which is why its fan base has increased over the past year and a half. I’ve been a fan since the show first aired back in 2005, and I know why it truly is the best show in America. So if you’re not already watching, here are 10 reasons you should be:


1. “You’re My Person”

Meredith and Cristina gave us a new name for best friend.

2. “Pick me. Choose me. Love me”

Meredith begged Derek to choose her over his wife. I guess it’s safe to say if you want him, go for it! Even if he’s in a relationship.

3. McSteamy

Who wouldn’t want to look at that face?

4. Izzie Cuts Denny’s Lvad Wire

If you didn’t know what love was, then you do now. He doesn’t love you until he lets you kill him and bring him back to life.

5. 007 A.K.A George

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been friends with a person like George at some point in our lives.

6. Jackson Avery

Why doesn’t he have a “Mc” name yet? I think there should a petition for one.

7. Dr. Bailey A.K.A The Nazi

If we’ve all had a friend like George, without a doubt we all know a Dr. Bailey. *Cough cough* our mom.

8. The Plane Crash

Imagine if everyone had died. I would’ve written a letter to have the show canceled.

9. Derek’s Death

The best visual of what it would be like to lose the love of your life was the replay of life with him in Meredith’s head. If you thought hitting your foot on the edge of the bed hurt, guess again.

10. Richard Webber

He’s everyone’s father.


You’re welcome, collegiettes!

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