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10 reasons to Complete 55 Days of Café or 50 Days of PMAN

As midterms pass and spring arrives in State College (well… kind of), a Penn State tradition passed down for generations begins for many Seniors.

55 Days of Café 210 West has been a tradition since 2007 in State College, where 21+ year-old students go to Café every single day for 55 days straight to make a food or drink purchase. Each participant gets a punch card that they must get stamped every day to prove their attendance. Absences from the 55-day streak are taken very seriously, and the only way to make up for an absence is, of course, to ‘day-long.’ Seems reasonable.  A list of their rules and guidelines are listed here. This year the 55 days began on March 12th, and will end on May 7th, following senior graduation.

Primanti Bros has followed suit in this tradition by beginning a “50 Days” of their own. 50 Days of P-Man has the same rules and requirements, but started 5 days after Café. The P-Man Facebook account made a comment describing the event as “a fun thing that sororities and fraternities have been doing here since before we were PMAN… We’re just honoring the tradition.”

So the rules and regulations are clear, but what is the point of a two-month marathon of eating, drinking, and possibly draining your bank account?

It’s tempting to give up or get friends to punch your card on days you aren’t feeling up to a bucket of fries or a ‘mind-eraser,’ but here are the top 10 reasons to complete these marathons in their entirety.

1. It’s a tradition

All any Penn-Stater needs to hear is ‘tradition’, and they’re in.

2. To hang out with friends every day  

With senior year coming to a close, this is the perfect opportunity to get together with your pals every single day until graduation.

3. Bond with other seniors

Even in four years, it’s impossible to know every student at this huge University, but it’s never too late to meet new friends that are apart of the Penn State family.

4. To take the edge off

With stressful job searches and graduate school applications well under way, many participants are using the event as a way to grab a daily drink and take the edge off.

5.  The real world is coming

Going into the real world can be a scary concept, so this is the perfect way to embrace and appreciate the laid-back college life.

6. Bragging rights

It might be a popular tradition, but it is a difficult one to complete. Finishing the 50 or 55 days gives you access to full bragging rights.

7.  The two-hour open bar celebration

An open bar event is hosted at the bars to celebrate the success of the participants who complete the challenge (and graduate from Penn State).

8. The t-shirt

All of the money and time spent will be captured in the precious threads of a Gildan graphic t-shirt.

9. The plaque

A visit to a State College bar, years down the road, to show your children the mark you made on Penn State is priceless.

10. The memories

Countless memories from four amazing years are coming to a close. This is the perfect way to pack as many as possible into the last weeks of your Penn State experience, and go out with a bang.

So to all of the participating seniors: Cheers and good luck!



Header Image: Jakub Kapusnak 

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