10 Girly Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Struggling to find the perfect secret Santa for your person? Check out these ideas if you're stumped! 

  1. 1. Everyone needs a cute pair of fuzzy socks this time of year!

    This is a great secret santa gift since no sizes are involved and you can find so many cute patterns and colors, this will definitely not disappoint anyone. 

  2. 2. A portable charger can always come in handy.

    Personally my phone is always on the verge of dying and having a portable charger is a necessity when going out for me and I think most people feel the same way.

  3. 3. Face masks are great for relaxing and clearing your skin. 

    Everyone always needs to remember to take time to themselves and relax with a face mask or a bath bomb. The best place to get these are the Lush gift sets, which are perfect for christmas. 

  4. 4. Cute and personalized coffee mugs or tumblers to bring to work, school, or home. 

    One christmas gift I find people to always adore is a stylish mug or tumbler cup. They are the perfect cheap gift that can also be personalized to anyone's style.

  5. 5. A new must-have for phones are pop sockets. 

    One thing I don't have -- but do really need -- is a pop socket. This is another item that you never realize comes in handy and again comes in many different colors and patterns anywhere.

  6. 6. A led light box to decorate a desk or room. 

    I received this as a gift last year for christmas and I love putting different phrases on it, it adds such a cute and personalized touch to my bedroom.

  7. 7. A Trifold Makeup Mirror is something every girl needs. 

    Every girl definitely has some type of  makeup mirror these types of products are always updating and getting even better than the last so girls should definitely have the latest and greatest products.

  8. 8. Any type of Phone Case you think would fit their personality. 

    I love changing up my phone case just like any other girl, there are so many styles of phone cases it is easy to change it up every once in a while. 

  9. 9. Bath and Body Works candles are the best gift this time of year. 

    My favorite thing to do during Christmas time is to light candles in my room. There are so many good scents this time of year and of course so many sales so I think candles are such a perfect gift. 

  10. 10. Sephora has the best makeup gift sets this time of year for reasonable prices.

    This gift is definitely for someone who loves makeup. During the christmas season there are a variety of gift sets that are a range of prices that are easy and perfect for a gift.