10 Different Teas for 10 Moods

Ever want to start drinking tea but get overwhelmed by all of the options? Here are the best teas to drink for every mood: 

  1. 1. Stressful day? Try lavender or peppermint to promote relaxation and calmness. 

  2. 2. If you're feeling down in the dumps, lemon balm tea will hopefully have a positive effect on your mood. 

  3. 3. Having trouble sleeping? A cup of chamomile tea before bed should do the trick. 

  4. 4. To make you feel energetic and alert, black tea is your best bet. 

  5. 5. If your feeling under the weather, chai tea’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties should help your immune system get back on track. 

  6. 6. Craving those warm and fuzzy feelings? Turmeric tea increases your brain's serotonin and dopamine levels leaving you with a smile on your face. 

  7. 7. For an increase in productivity, a cup of green tea will help jumpstart your day. 

  8. 8. Feeling creative? Rooibos tisanes high levels of electrolytes will activate your brain’s creative process. 

  9. 9. Whoever thought tea could help you get in the mood? Vanilla tea is a natural aphrodisiac, so get sipping!

  10. 10. Woke up feeling nauseous? Peppermint tea should help relieve those nasty feelings.

Go and treat yourself to a warm cup of tea, collegiettes!