The 10 Best Jonas Brothers Songs of All Time

So, the Jonas Brothers.

A part of me screams with excitement and another cries because I miss the old days. I miss the A Little Bit Longer era with my entire heart, and no one can convince that it isn’t their best album. 

So naturally, I made a list. These are my top 10, leading up to my all time favorite. 

Before you read, I’d like to make a disclaimer. An unpopular opinion, if you will: Year 3000 is not that good. I know it’s is a fan favorite, especially at Champs when the Jonas Brothers make a surprise visit that is totally objectively unfair to everyone under the age of 21. However, unrelated to my bitterness, I just don’t think this song is that great. I mean, it’s a fine song. I would nod along to this song in the car if it came on. Would I play it on purpose? Probably not. The song is silly and lighthearted, which is great, but compared to others like Burnin Up? No chance.

A lot of the songs higher up on the list are pretty sad, and I’m just now realizing how much sad music I listened to as a kid. Like, Pushin’ Me Away? My seven year old self thought she had abandonment issues when she listened to that song. But like, in a good way. Either way, it’s a bop and it rightfully deserves to be on this list. 

Regardless, I think the slower ones perfectly show off just how lovely Nick and Joe’s voices are. Of course, though, we all love a good ~ ReD DrEsS ~ moment. Truly, the Jonas Brothers are the masters of range. 

Anyway, enjoy the list below.

  1. 1. Year 3000

  2. 2. Pushin' Me Away

  3. 3. A Little Bit Longer

  4. 4. Hello Beautiful

  5. 5. Paranoid

  6. 6. When You Look Me In The Eyes

  7. 7. SOS

  8. 8. Sorry

  9. 9. Burnin' Up

  10. 10. Love Bug