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10 Artists We’d Like To See At Movin’ On This Year

No matter what your favorite music is, I think we can all agree that there are certain people who could make this year’s festival the best one yet. With the release of the artist survey this week, we can’t help but wonder who will be chosen for this year’s lineup. With that in mind, here are 10 artists we’d all love to see on the line-up for Movin’ On, 2017.


1. The Chainsmokers

Even though they were just at Penn State a year ago, it wouldn’t seem right to not get to hear “Closer,” aka the song of the year, at this year’s festival.


2. The Weekend

It would only make perfect sense to book the artist whose music fills both frats and apartment parties alike.


3. Chance the Rapper

The only thing better than his breakthrough album would be a live performance.


4. Zayn

Whether you’re Team 1D, Team Zayn or have no opinion on the matter, there’s no denying how good his solo album is. Just imagine how better it would sound live from the IM Fields.


5. The 1975

A band that is currently flying (undeservedly) under the radar would be the perfect addition to this year’s line-up, with their new album providing the perfect music to sing along to.



It doesn’t get much better than a Jonas Brother who can also produce catchy party songs.


7. James Bay

A festival can’t be entirely made up of party-pop songs, and this is where James Bay enters. His incredible vocals paired with his natural song-writing style would help shape the perfect line-up.


8. Rihanna

Does wanting to see her perform even need an explanation?


9. Justin Bieber

A girl can dream, right?


10. Drake

Still dreaming.


No matter who ends up being the headliner at Movin’ On, we can hardly wait to dance the night away, ending another year in the happiest of valleys.

Samantha Grillo graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism. She loves creative writing, pop culture and Penn State, all of which led her to joining the Her Campus Penn State team at the beginning of her freshman year as a contributing writer. In her free time, Samantha enjoys reading, watching her favorite TV shows, and catching up on the latest movies. 
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