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Summer Checklist

Summer is fast approaching if it isn’t already here for you! Here are some essentials that you may need.


  1. White Fur

Books are always important, especially if you get to go on vacation! White Fur

  1. Drink holders

Ever drop your drink because it started sweating? I’ve done that… in a restaurant. These drink holders will help you to hold on to your drink. They also come with cute saying that are sure to be conversation starters.

  1. Deodorant

It’s summer, sweat happens. Deodorant is always something to stock up on when you’re home, especially because you need more in the summer. Being home allows you to try different brands than you would during the school year.

  1. Toothbrush cleaners

Ever have someone get confused and try to use your tooth brush? These holders will help to clean the toothbrush and also make sure people know whose toothbrush it is.


Happy Summer!

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Megan Antosy is a junior at Penn State Berks double majoring in Business with an option in Marketing and Management, and Professional writing. She also has minors in Entrepreneurship and Women's Studies. When she isn't busy writing or editing articles for HC, you can find her on the beach, reading a book, taking a nap, or drinking tea. She is also Co-CC.
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