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RA Rounds — Julie Ta ’14

Each Resident Assistant has their own sense of humor, for RA Julie Ta making her fellow staff members laugh involves sending inappropriate Snapchats and being honest. However, this fashionista, known for her platform wedges and curly long hair, has other attributes that shine outside of the RA position.

Julie, an Applied Psychology major who intends on graduating this May, was born in Washington D.C. However, Julie’s point of residence is more complicated than just that. “This is where it gets confusing: I was born in Washington D.C., raised in Boston, and then moved to Philly in my High School years.” Although most people would associate Julie as a Philadelphian, her close friends know better than to make that assumption. “I like to consider myself a Bostonian… yes, that is a term.”

When asked what brought Julie to Penn State, she simply says it was the big name and reputation. “I wanted to go to a well-known school. Penn State wasn’t far away from home, but far enough for me to have the college experience.” However, there would be one more influencing factor upon her applying to Penn State. “My mom also liked the lion,” she added. Julie initially started out in Penn State Greater Allegheny before she changed campuses and came to Berks. It would be the RA staff and Julie’s first RA at Berks that would inspire Julie to pursue the RA position.

“I was fortunate enough to have a job at the Ivy Desk, where I was constantly surrounded by the RA family. But it was also Kelsey that inspired me to apply for the position — Kelsey was my first RA at Berks. I think it was her honesty and how real she was with her residents that encouraged me to apply for the RA position too,” Julie said. And to this day, these two Psych majors have been more than just colleagues, but good friends.

After Julie applied for the RA position as a sophomore in Fall 2012, her role as an RA began in Spring 2013. As of today, Julie has been an RA for three semesters. However, when Julie isn’t planning programs, going to class or work, you can most likely find her in bed. “What the hell do I do on my spare time? I like to sleep. When I have free time I like to hibernate,” Julie laughs. “I find that I rarely have time to sleep, so it is very precious to me.” Between working at the Ivy Desk, interning as a Teacher Assistant for the RA class, and going to class, its safe to say that even as a senior, Julie is a busy woman. “If that was a thing, I would minor in the sleep department,” she jokes.

But that’s not a judge on Julie’s character. You can find Julie’s hard work illustrated through the effort she puts in her programming and bulletin boards. “I feel like I am a very creative person. I did my program request at the beginning of training for the whole semester.” Many RA’s would agree that the time and effort placed in Julie’s bulletin boards are exceptional. “Unlike Taimul, I really like doing my bulletin boards. It usually takes me about 4 hours to complete one,” she playfully jabs.

Aside from creating beautifully illustrated bulletin boards, Julie is also known for comedic nature in meetings, on rounds…well, in life. One of Julie’s proudest contributions to the RA position is her snapchats that she sends to all of the RA’s. “I consider myself one of the comedians on staff — people can agree or disagree with me. But I feel like any moment that I am in the room, it’s a funny time. I’m especially proud of my snapchat edition.” However, Julie points out that although she generates laughs, most of the time she’s being honest. “Sometimes I’m not even joking but I say how I feel, and people still find it funny.” Her next statement reflects only how serious she actually is:

    “I’m already planning the next All-Hall for my snapchats.”

However, if it is not Julie’s bulletin boards or sense of humor that captures your attention its her choice in fashion. Julie’s wardrobe is filled with different styles that reflect her personality and energy. “I am very versatile in my style; I can go out dark, chic, country, and I feel it will fit me.” But what is most relatable is Julie’s choice of stores: “I shop at Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, H&M, and I love sneaker wedges, platforms and bold colors. If I like it, I’m going to wear it — I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”


Although Julie is graduating at the end of this semester, it goes without saying that her legacy as the RA of 2nd floor Sweetwood will live on. For RA Rounds with Julie, if you remember nothing about this student leader, remember her snazzy bulletin boards, the way she makes you laugh, and how she can turn every situation into an inappropriate one.


All photography used — excluding the snapchats — in RA Rounds is supported by Emilio Figueroa, CEO of E.F Photography.

My name is Bianca Sepulveda, but everyone refers to me as Marie Veda. I am a senior at Penn State Berks with a major in Professional Writing and two minors in Business and English. While enrolled at Penn State, I have been a Resident Assistant in the dorms and a tutor in the Writing Center.
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