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Places Where You Can Enjoy Nature Right Near Campus


If you aren’t a native of the Wyomissing area, you might not be aware of how many safe, green, tranquil places there are to enjoy nature right near campus. If you are looking for somewhere to go to relieve some stress, here are some good options.

                                                                                                                                   Image from Pexels


  1. Gring’s Mill. Well, this one is kind of obvious. It’s right next to campus.  My favorite thing about cross country practice is that I get to run in this green gorgeousness with cute stone buildings and red covered bridges peeking out from the trees. I also enjoy bringing a bicycle here.
  2. Wyomissing Trails. In the middle of Wyomissing, there’s tree lined paths with hills that will make you forget you are right next to a medium-sized city.
  3. Blue Marsh. It is a beautiful large lake with a beach and lots of hills.  It’s very shady so you’ll keep cool while you hike even on a warmer day.
  4. Thun Trail. A big path you can run, walk, or bicycle on with the sounds of the Schuylkill River surrounding you.
  5. Reading Public Museum. A picturesque garden awaits you surrounded by trees and history.
  6. This Campus itself. Just walk around and breathe in the air. Take a seat at the garden outside of the Janssen Conference Center. Or whether you’re coordinated or not, you can play volleyball with your friends next to the trees. 

Hopefully, one of these places interests you and helps you to relax in nature. 

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