Perks of Being an Only Child

                                                                                                                                  Image by Pixabay


I love being an only child, mainly because I don’t have to share anything. Here are some other perks:


  1. Vacations

If you’re an only child, you might get to go on more vacations because it’s only you! Plus you have the added bonus of helping to plan the vacation. You don’t have to do what your siblings want to do. Sure, you parents might want to stop and visit relatives that you’d rather not see, but you might get a treat afterwards!

  1. You get sick less

You don’t have siblings to bring home germs. This might have been a problem when you first started school, but now there’s no problems. You only have to think about the people you and your parents come in contact with.

  1. You aren’t used to hearing the word “no”

“No”? What does that mean? If you’re an only child, you make your own rules and do you own thing. Generally, you’re self-reliant enough to be able to do whatever you want.

  1. Presents

You’re more likely to get presents, especially when you were younger! It’s a lot easier for someone to buy one present than to buy three of them. Even now, I still get cards from people for holidays. I attribute that to me being an only child. Remembering one birthday is simpler than keeping track of a couple.


Do you have any favorite things about being an only child? Comment below!