An Open Letter to Fall 2016

It was a long semester but like every semester, I don’t remember much of it.

I started working, I started writing on a continuous basis, and I read a lot of books.



I had a lot of mixed feelings for a variety of reasons about working in the Writing Center. That changed for the better once I started working. I remembered that I do like to work with people. I try to listen and figure out what they are truly trying to say and then help them get that point across. Sometimes it’s difficult. Sometimes the writer doesn’t want to tell you about it or they don’t know what they are trying to say. The best sessions are ones where you help a writer to plan their essay, because having a map of where they are going to go is much more satisfying than seeing a person walk out of the Writing Center with basically the same paper that they had when they walked in because they didn’t want to work with their ideas.



Writing made the semester more interesting. I wrote Her Campus articles only. I usually pick up something creative to write but I never got the chance to this semester. I used my high school writing skills to write an article but my college editing skills to make articles readable. I also got to learn more about editing. Articles should have paragraphs that flow into each other. Creative pieces don’t have that as much, and essays can always have transition sentences to force the paragraphs together.



I always wanted to read a lot during school but never really got the chance to do that. “Forcing” myself to sit and read novels helps a lot. I really enjoy getting to do those things. I enjoy writing articles about the books I read. I love going to libraries and bookstores to look around and find new books that I want to read.


That’s a great statement until you have over 200 books on your to-read list.


Hope you had a great semester! If things didn’t quite go the way you planned, try it again in the spring, but do it a little differently.