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Nicki Asamoah

Name: Nicki 
Major: Applied Psychology
On campus activities: African Student Union (ASU) , B.S.C.C
Relationship status: Single
Birthday: 12/19/1993
Why did you choose Penn State Berks: It was the only Penn State campus with my major and I wanted a new start.
What’s something on your bucket list? I want to go bungee jumping or sky diving.
How do you spend free time?  Writing and Reading
Describe your personality in 3 words: enthusiastic, sassy, charming
Favorite movie? Bridesmaids
Favorite quote?Love is giving someone the power to completely destroy you, and hoping that they won’t”
Dream job?  To be a Child Developmental Psychologist
Bree McKenney is a senior Professional Writing major at Penn State Berks. She is the Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus chapter at Berks and she's also involved in the Blue&White Society. In addition to that, she is currently an RA, Peer Mentor, Multicultural Mentor, and a S.A.I.L. Mentor. She loves fashion and has been writing style blogs for Her Campus for a year now.
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