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Last Weekend Before Finals

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It’s finally here! The last week of classes start Monday? So, on this final weekend before the final week of classes, what should you do? Here are some options?


  1. Get everything out of the way that you can.

That sounds easier than it feels, I know. Get ready for all of the presentations that you can, and try to at least start your papers. It’s not a fun part of the semester, but it’ll help you to have more time to study your finals.

   2. Sleep

Sleep while you still have the time too! Get some rest and try to relax. It’ll make your more productive.

   3. Finalize your post-finals plans

This might give you the motivation to get through the next two weeks. Know where you’re going after finals. At the very least, know what time someone’s going to come and get you if you need help hauling a year’s accumulation of stuff home.

     4. Continue finishing your meal plan

Some people have it worse than others. Invite your friends to go to Tully’s and eat with you. Pay for everything. It might not get rid of all of your money, but it should help to dwindle your funds. You can also buy things to take home with you, like drinks and snacks. Now’s not the time to care if you’re walking out of there with your hands full of snacks. There’s five people behind you doing the same thing.


Good luck! Enjoy this last weekend!

Megan Antosy is a junior at Penn State Berks double majoring in Business with an option in Marketing and Management, and Professional writing. She also has minors in Entrepreneurship and Women's Studies. When she isn't busy writing or editing articles for HC, you can find her on the beach, reading a book, taking a nap, or drinking tea. She is also Co-CC.
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