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How to Have Fun and Be Safe at Berks Parties

It’s Thursday night, or as many people on campus at Penn State Berks like to call it, “Thirsty Thursday.” Us girls tend to be under a lot of stress during the school week and this is our night to unwind and kick-off an unofficial start to the weekend. We get together with our girlfriends at Tully’s for an early dinner and discuss where we want to party. Are we feeling the club scene at Rumorz? Or maybe just a get together at our friend’s apartment in Seven Oaks? Wait, we know some pretty crazy party people up at Kutztown, we need to hit that up!

I was never the ‘party type’. I was never out late drinking at a friend’s house, or smoking weed in the park. Now that I have entered college, it’s become apparent to me, and many Berks freshmen, that partying is going to inevitably have an impact on our lives. For some of us this is a blast, even second nature, but for others it’s uncharted territory; a completely unknown ‘whole new world’ as Aladdin and Jasmine would put it.

As a freshman, the college party scene and everything that comes along with it is new to me. I am quickly learning that on our campus, this is how a majority of girls spend their time. How many times have you seen girls stumbling back into the Village, giggling and falling over themselves? Or how many of you have had to climb the stairs into the Woods to help your friend into bed because she couldn’t do it herself? Or had to hold back her hair because she was throwing up so much? This may seem farfetched but it’s a reality, and it’s happening right here, right in front of us at Berks. So how can girls who drink stay in control of themselves and how can girls who don’t still have a good time at parties? It’s totally doable, I promise!
If you go to a party and happen to drink, smoke, or a combination of the two, here’s what you can do to keep yourself in control:

  1. Limit yourself. You want to have a good time, but having a good time doesn’t mean blacking out and losing control. Only have a few drinks (1-3) the entire night and avoid drinking games because they cause
    you to get drunk faster. “I drink responsibly because I don’t want to make a fool out of myself,” says Berks freshman Brie Henninger. “I’m a social drinker and I’ve never been drunk. I’m not afraid of losing control because I know I’ll never let myself get to that.” Take advice from your fellow sisters, because they’re onto something! Limiting how much you drink will decrease the chances of you making a fool out of yourself, and the chances of you losing control and making mistakes you’ll regret the next morning.
  2. EAT. I cannot tell you how important this is! If you’re drinking on an empty stomach you get drunk faster, so be sure to eat before and/or while you’re out.
  3. Have a Designated Driver. Please do not drive after drinking! Designate a driver, call a friend to pick you up, or have enough money to call a cab to get back home!         
  4. Be your “sister’s keeper.”If you go out with a girl friend or a bunch of friends, LEAVE with those same people. If you see your friend starting to lose control, calmly tell her and try to steer her away from the alcohol. “My roommate and I were at Rumorz one night dancing and having a good time, and all of a sudden I see her dress start to rise up. I could almost see her underwear, so I quickly pulled the dress down for her before anyone else noticed. From then on I always look out for her, she doesn’t need to give everyone else a show!” says Berks freshman Jaime Rutkoswki. If you see your friend with a guy who appears to be sketchy, walk over and calmly tell her it’s time to go, the safest way to avoid a very dangerous situation. This doesn’t mean you’re acting as her mother, it just means you want her to be safe and more importantly, stay alive. And if you’re looking out for her, be sure to tell her to have your back, too! [pagebreak]

 Now, if you don’t drink or smoke, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. People have been lead to believe that drinking/smoking and having fun are somehow connected, and although it may be appropriate and even acceptable in certain social settings, you can certainly have fun without doing something you don’t want to do. Here are some tips you can use to ensure you have a good night out no matter what!

  1. Dress Up. Just because you don’t want to do a keg stand and play beer pong doesn’t mean you can’t dress nicely and make a statement! Wear something fun and flirty that shows off your features, but make sure it’s comfortable so you can dance and mingle! I know that short dresses and short, tight skirts are common party/club attire amongst college girls, but if you wear something that stays true to who you are and you have confidence when you wear it, no one will think twice! Plus, you may think guys like girls who dress more provocatively, but will they want to talk to them the day after or take them on a date? Think about it!
  2. Socialize. I know people say that if you drink it’ll loosen you up and make you more sociable, but you can be just as social sober! If you’re a little shy, stay with your group of friends for a while and venture off on your own when you are ready. Also, sometimes flashing a smile at someone from across the room can do the trick; it shows you’re comfortable and friendly, which will ultimately attract more people to you.
  3. DANCE!I can’t stress this one enough!!! If you’re dancing and letting loose, others around you will feed off your energy and you’ll be the life of the party! This proves you don’t need to be drunk to loosen up and have fun. “I like to have good, old-fashioned fun,” says Berks sophomore Stefanie Holden. “I don’t need to drink in order to have a good time. I just go out with my friends, dance, and enjoy my night. Drinking has nothing to do with having fun.”
  4. Be Yourself. The common mistake among girls is that when they go out, they try to be someone they aren’t. They will dress a certain way or act a certain way that is completely opposite of how they act outside
    of a party scene. The best advice I can give you girls who choose not to drink, smoke or ‘party hard’, is that the best way and easiest way to have fun, is to just be yourself. In my experience, being yourself and not trying to impress someone will in turn, impress them. Guys like a girl who doesn’t come across fake! If they can tell you’re pretending and not being genuine, they’re going to lose interest fast. Flash that beautiful smile of yours, use that natural charismatic charm, and woo them all the right way. “Girls don’t need to drink to impress me; I’d much rather talk to a girl who can have a complete conversation without slurring her words,” says Berks sophomore Jack Pokras. See girls? There are benefits to not drinking! (Hot, HOT benefits!)

 The important thing to remember is that having fun does not mean losing control. You can drink without blacking out, smoke without coughing all over that cute crush of yours, and party without doing anything except being yourself. Just be sure to remember these helpful tips the next time you go out and explore the college party scene!

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