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The holiday season is fast approaching and with finals season happening, it is easy to lose track of the quickly passing time. Like most people, you are probably racking your brain for the perfect gifts to get your loved ones for the holidays that are sentimental, but also within your price range. Luckily, you are not alone. Almost everyone struggles with picking the perfect presents for friends and family. Check out this cool gift guide to help de-stress your holiday times!
FRIENDS: Unsure of how to show your appreciation for your best pals? Everyone loves to keep warm and relax! A good DVD from Target, plus a pack of hot chocolate or a warm hat from Forever 21 will make both your friends and your bank account happy. 
BOYFRIENDS/GIRLFRIENDS: Buying holiday gifts for your special friend can be especially tricky. The best way to do gifts is to get them something that will include both you and your lover! Make a date your gift for your significant other by getting them tickets to a movie or concert! Treating them to a night out to their favorite restaurant is a perfect way to make them happy and also spend time with them.
PARENTS: How do you pay back the ones that give you the gift of their love to you 365 days a year? The best thing to do for your parents is get them something you know they want, but would never get for themselves. Treat your mother to a soap or bath bomb from LUSH and your father to a new shirt or tie!

As for brothers and sisters, gifts that they can use are the best. Gift cards to their favorite stores or restaurants make good gifts that can be fun at any time they plan to use them. (Bonus points if they decide to share their gift with you!)

Buying gifts can be easy with a little bit of help! If you still need more inspiration for presents, keep checking out Target, Forever 21, Marshalls and Sephora for fun, inexpensive gifts for your loved ones. Happy holidays!

Meredith is a sophomore Communications, Arts, and Sciences major at Penn State Berks.
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