Devon Heston

Age: 18

Favorite Color: Blue

Book: Absolute Power by David Baldacci

Movie: The Bourne Identity

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Why?: “Because I had wanted to be an architect but then I realized that I’m not very good at art so then I picked something that was a similar degree in terms of math but that didn’t have many artistic requirements. Once I started talking classes, I realized that I really enjoyed it and wanted to stick with it.”


Tell me about being a Writing Center tutor: Heston really like it. He thinks one of the best parts of the job is being able to not only build rapport with not only fellow students but tutors as well. He likes to interact with tutors and people outside of his major. It’s a great way to make money in a setting that has a flexible schedule and doesn’t interfere with his school work.


Tell me about your Consortium Presentation: According to Heston, “Social media can be used to increase outreach to students.”

Social media can be used to create interaction and a rapport with writing center users. It can also help to bring writers in.