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College According to Carrie Bradshaw!

They say the friends you make in college will be there forever! If anything about your life changes while in college (major, interests, personality), make sure to keep those relationships with your girls the same!



We’ll all have times when we just want to get away from anything that has to do with school! It’s okay to take time for yourself! Do something that relaxes you, something to help you distress from workloads. Most importantly, take care of you!



Your whole life will be saved on your computer or hard drive! Guard those with your life to avoid losing important assignments!



Relationships are great! Being single is great! We always convince ourselves that we need one or the other! We should focus on getting our work out of the way to make room for that “me time” we all will honestly need at one point or another!



Procrastinating homework is one thing, but going to the gym is probably runner-up!



Friends! They’re there when we need them, and there when we don’t! Having that close-knit groups of girlfriends to complain to is a major necessity throughout your college experience!



It’s okay to be a little unsure of who you are. That’s a part of the college experience! We all come with certain expectations, but we may decide to alter our plans a little. Don’t be afraid to go through that journey of self-discovery!

Bree McKenney is a senior Professional Writing major at Penn State Berks. She is the Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus chapter at Berks and she's also involved in the Blue&White Society. In addition to that, she is currently an RA, Peer Mentor, Multicultural Mentor, and a S.A.I.L. Mentor. She loves fashion and has been writing style blogs for Her Campus for a year now.
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