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Book Blog: The Season

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Megan McKnight is a soccer star with Olympic dreams, a history major, an expert at the three Rs of Texas (readin’, ridin’, and ropin’), and she’s not a girly girl.  So when her Southern belle mother secretly enters her as a debutante for the year’s deb season in their hometown of Dallas, she’s furious—and has no idea what she’s in for. 

Megan’s attitude gets her on probation with the mother hen of the debs, and she has only a month to prove she can ballroom dance, display impeccable manners, and curtsey like a proper Texas lady or she’ll get the boot and disgrace her family. The perk of being a debutante, of course, is going to parties, and it’s at one of these lavish affairs where Megan gets swept off her feet by the debonair and down-to-earth Hank Waterhouse.  If only she didn’t have to contend with a backstabbing blonde and her handsome but surly billionaire boyfriend.

Will Megan be able to juggle her soccer dreams and Texas society? Because the season has just begun, and the drama is just getting started.


Rating: 4/5 stars

What’s it like: Dallas mixed with debutantes

What I thought: The above statement pretty much sums it up. Megan is making her unwilling debutante. She is an athlete who doesn’t love to be girly or “proper”. The book is about her evolution to becoming closer to what her mom wants her to be. She is mixed in with catty debutantes, and others that don’t want to be dragged down by her misbehaviors in the deb world. At the end, she manages to get it together and do what she needs to do to get through it, and has some unlikely friends who help her along the way.

For me, character development was a little lacking in places, but it wasn’t that bad. Characters were pretty static mentally throughout the book. Megan and her twin, Julia, were foils, which is a normal response when an author is writing siblings and needs to differentiate them. Overall, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone who has interest in Southern living/people.

Megan Antosy is a junior at Penn State Berks double majoring in Business with an option in Marketing and Management, and Professional writing. She also has minors in Entrepreneurship and Women's Studies. When she isn't busy writing or editing articles for HC, you can find her on the beach, reading a book, taking a nap, or drinking tea. She is also Co-CC.
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