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8 Reasons Why I Enjoy Being a Commuter Student

  I’ve lived on-campus, and I have also commuted. I’d have to say for me personally that commuting beats living in a dorm.


  1. There’s quiet.  

My family isn’t going to blast loud music at 2 AM while I’m trying to sleep or get some extra reading in.

  1. I get my own room and my own bathroom to myself. 

Yes, this means I have to clean both my room and my bathroom, but it’s worth it.  I’m free to not wear pants, and no one else can annoy me by messing up my room or my bathroom after I just cleaned it.

  1. I’m away from drinking/the party scene. 

Living at home, I don’t feel a pressure to go out to parties in cramped apartments and drink flat beer. It’s not really my scene. I don’t have to help any drunk people or deal with their antics. I saw too much of that in the dorms and I disliked it.  I’m of age anyway so if I’m in the mood to drink alcohol, I can easily go to a well-lit establishment that offers better drinks than Jungle Juice.

  1. I can eat what I want.  

I’m not paying for an overpriced meal plan so I don’t need to go to the dining hall, ever. My parents pay for most of the groceries and actually appreciate my cooking so I get to cook for our family and choose.  I like to buy and to use organic ingredients when I can afford to.  I don’t think in most dining halls that there are many organic or vegan options.

  1. I’m not paying $10k to live in a closet.

Seriously, dorms generally cost more than the size they’re worth. You could live in a three bedroom apartment for a year with your best friend for cheaper than this.

  1. My commute.

 If my dad drives me to school, it takes us about five minutes but gives us some time to talk together. If I take the bus, I get to walk to the bus stop and enjoy the weather if it’s lovely.  I can even stop and get a coffee from a coffeehouse or bakery in charming West Reading.  Sometimes, on my way to catch the bus, I get to see friends and ask them how they’re doing if we haven’t seen each other for a while.

  1. I get to have all of my pets with me.

I don’t have to worry about being caught by an RA or a landlord with pets I’m not allowed to have.

  1. The Wi-Fi works.

On campus the Wi-Fi can be spotty. At my house, this isn’t an issue.

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