Why Erie Isn't That Bad

Erie PA; "The Mistake On The Lake", "Dreary Erie", most people complain about living here, but it really doesn’t deserve the reputation. Here are some reasons why you should appreciate Erie a little bit more from someone who’s been here her whole life.



The Food:

Pizza balls, Sponge candy, smith's hot dogs,  and ox roast are just some of the foods that are common in erie. Along with these fan favorites we also have Sara's diner, who's orange sherbert should be world famous. It's perfect to eat at in the summertime, especially after a long day at Presque Isle.


Presque Isle:

Millions of people travel to Presque Isle every summer, and most of us take it for granted. The beaches are only a small portion of the fun. Fishing is popular, along with bike riding, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boats and just walking around and exploring the wilderness are all equally great ways to spend the day. The best part of Presque Isle has to be the sunsets, no matter where  you are in the city you've got a great view. Presque Isle is like a front row seat to it all.


All Four Seasons (some longer than others):

Not a lot of people have the luxury of experiencing all four seasons where they live. We might hate winter at times (or a lot of the time) -- and feel like randy from a christmas story when bundling up-- but on the other hand, tons of people don't even get to experience winter. Activities like sledding, tubing, and skiing make it semi-bearable. Summertime is great, but sometimes it’s nice to have a chilly break.




Anyone who grew up in Erie knows all about the pre-teen waldameer craze. Summer passes were a must, and most would try to go every day. Not many people can say they grew up in a place with an amusement park nearby, and although the craze may be long gone Waldameer is still a great place to spend the day.


The Mall:

Another thing we take for granted is the mall, it's the fourth largest mall and retail space in the country! The mall alone has over 100 stores, and that doesn’t count all the shopping around Peach Street.


You may complain about Erie when the snow gets bad or you have to walk to classes looking like a sleeping bag, but just keep in mind all the good things Erie has to offer (when the snow melts at least).

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