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We have all been there when we feel like nothing is going right and that everything is falling down around you. It happens, sometimes to you more than others but that’s why it becomes important to know how to get out of the rut. Even when you feel like you are 50 feet underground, just know that you will be on top of the world again soon. Sometimes you don’t know how to get out of the rut, but that’s what these are a few healthy ways to get to a better place.


1. Take a Bath




As simple as it is, take a nice long bath, listen to your favorite playlist and just breathe. Pull out a bath bomb, watch the colors swirl around you and just immerse yourself into the warmth of the water.


2. Rearrange Your Room



No one likes to clean their room, especially when all they want to do is lay in bed. But just getting up and moving around can bring yourself some energy that you have been missing out on. But also, who doesn’t love just enjoying a newly cleaned and rearranged room. Trust me it can bring


3. Cut and or Dye Your Hair



Sometimes making a huge decision is scary, and I know a lot of people hold their hair near and dear to them. But sometimes you just have to take the risk and go for that cut that you’ve been thinking about for months now. Or if you can’t make that much of a commitment, you can always just put a little color in your hair, which will fade and grow out much faster than a haircut.


4. Cry



I know that crying is that last thing you would probably want to do. But honestly crying is a nice cleansing of the soul, it allows for your body to heal in a way that it knows how. But the thing with crying is that once you cry over something, you can’t cry over it again. So put on that romantic but sad movie that always hits you right in the heart and just let the tears flow.


5. See Your Friends



As hard it might be to get out of your bed, spending time with your friends can help you feel better. Your friends know how to make you laugh, plus they also know your favorite flavor of ice cream. So, call up your girls and either get dressed up and head out for drinks or just put on your favorite PJs and have a dance party in your room.


It’s never the end of the world, I promise you that. I’ve been there, we have all been there. Sometimes everything has to fall apart before it can all fall into place. Sometimes when you get into these ruts you lose all perspective and trying to gain it back is always the hardest part.  T.S. Eliot once wrote, “Do I dare disturb the universe?” And I just want you to know that you should disturb the universe, so take the chances, make some changes, and it all else fails just smile a little brighter.


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