What you Need in your Closet this Winter


I've always struggled to maintain a fashionable exterior when the winter season arrives. Snowstorms abound and temperatures that drop below zero... that is if you're like me, from northwestern Pennsylvania, and, more recently, going to college in Erie, which is notorious for miserable winters. Have no fear, It's still possible to look cute even when it's dismal and frigid. 

The number one rule to prep your closet for winter is to make sure you own a suitable pair of snow boots. My number one criteria for winter boots is that they must have a solid tread. You do NOT want to find out on the first day of snowfall that your boots have no grip; that's how you end up ice skating to class instead of walking. Now, I'll be honest and say that winter boots may not be the most fashionable piece in a wardrobeーthey generally err on the side of practicality rather than glamourーbut that doesn't mean it's impossible to find a fashionable pair. I'm not a huge fan of most winter boot styles, but it usually only takes a little shopping around to find a pair that I like. Another factor to be aware of when buying winter boots is their price point. A good, sustainable pair likely won't be cheap, so make you budget for it, buy them secondhand, or reuse a pair from last year. 



I've always been a proponent of cold weather being superior in terms of fashion opportunity; my general logic is that if you're cold, you can always add more layers. This leads me to my second cold weather tipーlayer, layer, layer. If you have a short sleeve shirt that's not exactly suitable for the cold, just add a turtleneck underneath. If you want to wear a dress or skirt, add a pair of tights and a cardigan. You can (almost) never go wrong with layers. They expand your fashion possibilities without sacrificing warmth.  

My last tip to stay cute in the winter is to accessorize. Accessories are a great way to look put together, even if you aren't. Any outfit can immediately be upgraded by adding a nice necklace or pair of earrings; I personally love to throw on a sweater and leggings in the wintertime (as many of you probably do), and jewelry is a great way to jazz this look up a bit. 




Layer, layer, layer. My favorite way to stay warm and stay cute is to add different layers to my outfits. This can be the addition of cardigan, an extra scarf chucked on top of your sweater, or, my personal favorite, a long sleeve shirt or a turtleneck layered underneath graphic t-shirt. If you saw my outfit of the week article (https://www.hercampus.com/school/ps-behrend/what-i-wear-week-olivia-wickline if you haven’t checked it out), you can clearly see that my winter wardrobe is just my summer wardrobe with a turtleneck layered underneath. This is my overall vibe in the wintertime. You can add patterned turtlenecks to add a little extra oomph to an outfit, or, you can put two solid colors on top of one another and make a sure cute monochromatic look.


I like a grungier look like this for going to class on a day to day basis. It’s simple but edgy, and you can stay warm while wearing your favorite band tee!


Source: https://www.instyle.com/fashion/street-style/street-style-trend-layering-t-shirts?


I also love layering turtlenecks underneath a summer dress with a pair of tights or leggings. It’s a great way to get a lot of use of your entire wardrobe without having to banish summer items to the back of the closet as soon as the temperature drops. If it’s extra cold (like it usually is in Erie) add another sweater on top and you have the perfect look when you want to look nice, but you also want to hibernate.


Source: http://www.closetfulofclothes.com/how-to-remix-your-summer-dresses-for-fall/


A must for me in the winter is a nice pair of boots. If you live anywhere where it snows you know how important a boots are to survive. However, I sometimes find it hard to find a nice pair of boots that keep the cold out and still look cute. Below are a few nice options for this winter. https://www.drmartens.com/us/en/p/11821006?gclid=CjwKCAiA8ejuBRAaEiwAn-i...

Dr. Martins are my favorite winter boot. They are so comfy, warm, and go with just about everything. I have two pair of them and they are my go to. While they can get pretty expensive they are for sure worth the price. Also you can sometimes find them at different thrift stores if you look hard. 



Sorel Boots are also a more heavy duty winter boot. They are perfect for walking to class in the winter, shoveling snow, etc. These are personally the warmest boots I have in my closet. Living in Erie these are a MUST for walking from class to class. https://www2.hm.com/en_us/productpage.0622956001.html

I always like to have a nice pair of heeled boots for the winter. They go with just about everything and they are so easy to dress up and dress down. I love these one for H&M. They are a cute and affordable option for winter.