What I Wear in a Week: Olivia Wickline

College is a weird place where some people wear their pajamas to class and some people wear suits to class. I like to float in that in-between where people look at me are confused by choices but overall respect them - Here’s a week in my outfits:



Monday’s are pretty blah, so I went with one of my style uniforms. Plus, my hair was dirty so I threw on a silk scarf and called it a day.

Top: Cropped Basic White T-Shirt (This one is Hanes… I literally got it from CVS)

Underneath Layer Top: Long-sleeve Black Bodysuit (I got this from PrettyLittleThing, but honestly any black long sleeve will do)

Jeans: Goodwill, but again any jeans will do

Shoes: Dr. Martens

Silk Headscarf: Goodwill



I work on Tuesday and Thursdays in an office, so I am that girl who shows up to 9 am fully dressed in business casual clothes. I love these pants so much I’ve written about them in a previous article - you should check it out. Again, my hair was dirty because I didn’t have time to wash my hair the night beforehand so another hair scarf to the rescue. 


Top: White turtleneck from Amazon

Sweater: Thrifted from Savers in Cleveland, Ohio

Pants: Everlane

Shoes: Boots from SHEIN that are actually extremely durable

Silk Headscarf: Goodwill



I was starting to get sick on Wednesday, so I threw together a weird outfit that I regretted about 20 minutes after I left my apartment. 


Top: I have no idea where I got this shirt, but you can find Black Flag shirts anywhere

Turtleneck: Target… like 3 years ago

Jeans: Bershka

Belt: Cloth belt from a pair of striped cloth pants

Shoes (Not Pictured): Dr. Martens



The weird sickness I was feeling the beginnings of on Wednesday became full-blown on Thursday. I was officially hit by the Behrend plague.


Blanket: Target Home Section, baby

Shirt: Old Homemade Tie Dye Shirt from High School



I was still feeling the remnants of the sickness from Thursday, but I hate wearing old highschool hoodies out in public. So, I took a note from the e-boys of the world, and I put an oversized tee on top of the hoodie. My pants were super worn at this point, so the hoodie fit tucked into the jeans comfortable which helped with the weird lumps underneath the shirt.


Hoodie: Old Highschool Football Merch

Shirt: Kidney Camp Shirt from a Savers in Cleveland

Jeans: Same Thrifted Jeans from Monday

Socks: Skyzone

Shoes (Not Pictured): Dr. Martens