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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PS Behrend chapter.

What Her Campus is in Julia’s opinion:

“Describing Her Campus to someone who didn’t know what it is, I would say it is a campus organization/club that brings a diverse group of people together to write, inspire, encourage, and motivate one another. It is a safe environment to voice opinions and write about whatever one wants to. It is a really cool opportunity to get your voice heard and the story can be read anywhere while bringing attention to certain issues. It also improves writing and communication skills. This looks good on a resume and implies some time management skills. 

So in the end, describing Her Campus to someone would be summarized as a wonderful opportunity to meet people you might not otherwise and a safe place to voice and write articles about your opinions, while gaining great skills that employers are looking for.” Why Emma decided to join Her Campus:

“As of this year, joining Her Campus was the best decision I’ve made. I wanted to get involved on campus because everyone says it’s the best way to beat homesickness. They were right. I went to the club fair the first week of being on campus and none of the booths stood out to me until I saw the bright pink table amongst the otherwise boring setups. I had never heard of Her Campus before, but it seemed like a fun and easy-going club for a freshman student, such as myself to join. By the first meeting I already felt accepted. Not only is it a great way to keep up with my writing skills, it was a great way to meet people with similar interests. I never thought I would have fun writing, but I take pride in and look forward to my articles. Being able to write my articles about what I want and express myself through them makes me feel empowered. I would encourage anyone who is looking for an outlet to destress and communicate how they feel about different issues and topics to join Her Campus.”

What we do in Her Campus


I joined Her Campus when I was a freshman and was looking to become more involved on campus and partipate in something that I knew I would love doing. That is how I ended up where I am today in Her Campus. When I joined, I immediately wanted to become more involved in the club, so I first became the Events Coordinator where I organized and held events around campus. After holding that position for a year, I knew the responsibilties that came along with holding an executive board position in Her Campus, and I was ready to take the next step and run for Vice President. 

So, today I am the Vice President for Her Campus at Penn State Behrend, also known as a Campus Correspondant. As the Vice President I am responsible for working along side our President, Ramsey with editing and posting articles, making sure everyone is keeping up with what they are supposed to be doing, as well as overlooking social media and posting on there every so often when our social media chairs are not able to. I also will help out with our other executive boards when needed! In short terms, I help make sure everything runs smoothly at Her Campus PS Behrend. 


I have been in Her Campus for a while now, and I’ve found that I like to write a number of different articles. I have to write a lot of research papers for school (I currently have three due by the end of the semester), so I like having the freedom to write pretty light stuff. When my workload was much less writing dense I wrote more serious pieces for Her Campus, but now that I have to write pretty serious, bleak pieces constantly I prefer to keep things pretty light in my extracurriculars.

I also am the editor of Penn State Behrend’s Her Campus chapter. It’s exactly what it sounds like; I edit the writing that is submitted before it’s posted. I try to edit before it hits the eyes of our president or vice president so they can do a general run down then post the article. This means editing the grammar and style of the article, but sometimes it requires you to add on to the story. I also alert people when their writing begins to get difficult to edit, and I try to let people know when their writing is sounding nice! I enjoy editing other’s writing, so I really like this position. Plus, it helps me identify flaws in my own writing.


Some people like to take hot-button issues head-on in their articles. I am not one of those people. I really like helping people and making people laugh so that’s what I focus on. I write a few articles a semester on topics like “No Nut November” and “Making Gordon Ramsay turkeys.”

I’m also the Treasurer of the HerCampus Behrend Chapter. All I really do is check how much money we have, reimburse people, and collaborate with other officers on things that affect the group.



Emma Cronk

PS Behrend '23

I am currently a freshman at Penn State Behrend, studying to be an Accountant. I enjoy coffee, Drake, and dressing up!
Julia Fitzgibbon

PS Behrend '22

Sophomore at Penn State Behrend Nutrition major with a biology minor Professional procrastinator with a coffee addiction Workout and dog enthusiast
Alex Mozes

PS Behrend '20

Alex Mozes Senior at Penn State Behrend Mechanical Engineering Technology Major President of Tone-Acious: The Behrend Acapella Group Treasurer of HerCampus Behrend Chapter Tutor for Writing, Physics, and Solid Modeling
Communication Major at Penn State Behrend Intersectional Feminist Do More Of What Makes You Happy
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Lauren Barr

PS Behrend '21

Hey everyone! I'm Lauren, and I am a Campus Correspondent and the Vice President of Her Campus PS Behrend. I am a Junior Finance major with an Applied Economics minor, currently studying towards receiving my Certificate in Financial Planning. When I'm not busy calculating stock prices and all other things Finance, I enjoy writing and posting articles that interest me through Her Campus. When I have time off from school, I love to travel and explore new places. I also am a sucker for any and all dogs, but especially my own, Harley and Cooper! Thanks for visiting my page and I hope you enjoy my articles.