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What It’s Like to Make True Friends in College

One of the biggest fears that went through my mind when I was thinking about going to college was the idea that I would not make friends. I always got worried that everyone would think that I was weird, or maybe I just would not fit in at school. This thought lingered in my mind every time I thought about leaving for school, and while I got nervous when I thought about it, making friends was what I was most excited about for college.


Coming from a small town where everyone knew everyone and their business, I was anxious about making the transition to college. I had never truly been in a place where I did not know everyone, let alone no one at all. I had a pretty hard time fitting in when I was in high school. No one was really there for me, especially when I was going through my toughest times. Despite all of this, I was excited. I never really liked where I grew up, so I was ready for this knew opposite in my life.


I found my best friends the first day of college. We all knew each other from a Facebook page that we were apart of before school started. On the first day, they actually came in my dorm room to meet my roommate at the time, but I ended up making a better connection with them. We all connected instantly. For the first time in my life, I had true friends. I have never in my life felt that I was liked for me and only me.


Putting myself out there, and being willing to be outside my comfort zone led to the best people in my life. They help me through everything. They are always there for me even when it is an inconvenience for them. My friends truly make me feel loved. I cannot thank them enough for being real genuine people that allow me to be my true self.


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Ramsey Struble

PS Behrend '21

Penn State Behrend//Biology Pre-Optometry 
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