What It’s Like Being A Foreigner

There are many misconceptions about foreign people and their cultures.

Society is embedded with stereotypes and sometimes fails to understand the difference between facts and fictions. It is essential to be welcoming to everyone so let’s learn and understand a few things first…


1. When people assume your American because you have light skin. Do not assume where I am from, just ask.


2. When people ask if I know their friend that is from the same country as I am... No, I do not know every person who was born in my country.


3. When people only want to know swear words in my language. If you ask me how to say “f*ck”, I will teach you how to say flower…

Definitely have not ***nodding my head*** done that before.


4. When people ask if you have any kind of basic human tools or appliances in your country. Sometimes, I am not even sure whether people are just plainly rude or ignorant.


5. When someone tells you to “Go back to your own country lol”. It’s not funny. It is not a joke and quite frankly it only makes you look bad.


Moral of the story, do not act on your instincts and be a simple minded human being when different cultures positively influence the nation all the time.