What I Wore Last Week


I went for a comfortable fit to start off the week. This was the last day there was no snow in Erie so I wore my Nike tennis shoes (not sponsored), black leggings with holes in them because I’m too cheap to pay $4 for a new pair and an oversized navy blue sweatshirt that was given to me by my dad with his company logo on it. It was a bit brisk outside so I chose to wear my Old Navy raincoat that is from the men’s section. 



I woke up to see a generous dusting of snow outside but I wasn’t mad because I had a reason to wear my new hat from Marshall’s. I paired it with my Sherpa that is also from Marshall’s and the same black leggings from the day before. It was much colder than the day before so I wore my black vest that is from Old Navy. Not pictured are my duck boots that were wet from walking outside that I took off because I didn’t want to get my carpet wet. 



Wednesday I went for a more trendy-comfy look verses the lazy-comfy one from the day before. I’m wearing a plain black T-shirt from H&M, tan Sherpa with a hood from Marshall’s, Jean jacket from JC Penny’s and my black Old Navy vest on the top half. And you guessed it, the same black leggings for the 3rd straight day with my chestnut Uggs. 



This day the Steelers were playing and most of the snow on the pavement was melted for the temperatures warming up. So, I wore a Steelers sweatshirt I got from Marshall’s, my Old Navy vest, a new pair of black leggings and my Vans. Word. 



The snow returned so I had to bring back out the duck boots but it was not extremely cold so I didn’t have to bring out my winter coat. I have on a sweater from H&M, black leggings from the day before and my Old Navy vest. 


Conclusion: I didn’t realize how much I liked Marshall’s,

Old Navy and H&M.