What I Wear in a Week: Megan Kirk

I think what I wear represents who I am pretty well. My style varies all over the board with whatever I’m feeling and I would say I don’t really have one specific style, I just like whatever I like. There are definitely some trends you’ll see this week about what I like to wear and where I shop. One of my biggest concerns about what I wear is if I’m comfortable in it, and I don’t necessarily mean comfort in how I physically feel--but how I mentally feel. 


I’m a plus size girl so I want whatever I wear to hide certain parts of my body, while highlighting others and make me feel as confident as possible. I’d say that I’ve become a lot bolder with what I wear because I’ve started to feel more confident, but I still definitely make sure that I feel secure in whatever I’m wearing for the day. 


One of my goals for the new year was to “dress for success” more often. I usually feel more confident, get more things done and am overall happier when I have a good outfit on. The effort it takes to put together a cute look is so worth it to me because of how much better I feel than when I throw on a random sweatshirt and leggings, and roll out of bed for class. 




Monday was the first day of classes so I wanted to be a little more dressed up than usual and do something slightly bold. I went with this super cozy color-blocked sweater with a classic black turtleneck underneath. The colors in the sweater were pretty bright so I definitely wanted to try and tone it down with darker colors underneath. I wore this dark wash skinny jeans and black booties. For accessories, I wore this black headband (because I hate having hair in my face), these really cute gold hoops with little stars and my everyday jewelry that are pretty much staples at this point. 

Sweater and Turtleneck-Target 

Jeans-Old Navy (great option for plus size girls!! I love them and they aren’t crazy expensive)

Booties-DSW (not sure of the exact brand)


Silver ring-A gift from my mom but would bet it’s from QVC

Gold ring-Cartier dupe from Amazon

Necklace-Also a gift from my mom so probably QVC



On Tuesday, two out of three of my classes were canceled so I didn’t start my day until 3. I went with SUPER comfortable because I was really only gonna be in class for about an hour, but I did have an event that night that I wanted to look decent at. I went with this really warm, soft and bright sweater with tassel earrings to match. Like I said I wanted to be comfortable so I wore my favorite leggings that most definitely will be making more appearances this week.They’re these velvet-y black ones that I wear all the time because they’re sleek, comfortable, a little thicker than normal and give you a really good shape! As well as the same black booties and everyday jewelry as Monday. 


Leggings-Spanx (from QVC tho! Shop their “As Is” section for cheaper ones!!)

Earrings-Not quite sure but I think either Talbots or Lane Bryant!

Same black booties, necklace and rings as Monday!



Wednesday I was kinda feeling like toning down the colors, since the past two days of outfits were pretty bright. It also was pretty cold when I first left for class in the morning so I wanted to be warm. I went with this cool mock neck beige sweater. It has two different materials, it’s a bit softer on the sleeves!! I also wore these light wash jeans and beige booties to go with the lighter colors. I found this random long necklace to kind of add some interest to the pretty basic sweater, with these basic gold hoops and my normal rings. I also paired this outfit with my sherpa/teddy bear jacket when I was walking to class (in Thursday’s picture!)

Sweater and Jacket-Target

Jeans-Old Navy

Boots-Steve Madden, but I got them from DSW

Necklace-No idea honestly

Rings-Same as usual!



Thursday was my first time going to two of my Tues/Thurs classes so I wanted to look kinda put together. But physical comfort was high priority because I have three classes back-to-back-to-back all in the same classroom so I needed to feel comfortable in these clothes. I went with this lightweight green turtleneck sweater and my sherpa jacket again! I also wore my favorite black leggings. I wore my new black slip-on sneakers to try and break them in (bad idea lol) with this simple gold necklace, gold hoops and fun little hair clips! 

Sweater and Jacket-Target

Leggings-Spanx (QVC)

Shoes-Steven Madden, ordered from Amazon

Necklace-Kendra Scott


Hair Clips-Amazon

Rings-Same as usual!!



I only had one class on Friday so I didn’t really feel like putting together a full outfit. I went with this cute camo long sleeve that my mom gave me for Christmas and my basic leggings. I was gonna try and make it cuter with a sherpa-lined jean jacket, but the minute I stepped outside into the 19 degree weather I knew I needed a parka. I wore the new one my mom gave me for Christmas! I also threw on my old-ratty black slip ons because my new ones gave me blisters the day before. I wore my normal jewelry and small gold hoops!

Shirt-TJ Maxx

Jacket-I think TJ Maxx?




Rings-Same as every other day



As you can see I love shopping at Target and Old Navy, and my mom loves QVC. Challenging everyone to dress up and put your best foot forward for the next week! It’s shocking how good you feel!


All photos are mine!