What is the Hype Over TikTok?

Some may call it the new Vine, while others may still see it as Musical.ly. TikTok is taking the world by storm with trends, dances, and even new ways to describe girls. I, and many of my friends, have become obsessed with watching TikTok. We send each other funny ones to watch, accidentally learn all of the fun dances, and even spontaneously break into some of the songs that get stuck in our heads.  

Source: Economic Times


Here’s some of my favorite TikTok trends and how it’s basically taken over my life: 




Compilations like this are the reason why I can still watch Tik Tok without having to scroll on the app. Or watch it while doing other work, so I don’t actually learn anything from the homework that I’m doing. 




I usually end up accidentally spending hours scrolling through my “For You” page and watching all of the videos that I can. I even set timers to make sure I don’t accidentally do it, but I turn those timers off and keep watching. I don’t know what makes them so addictive, but I love watching all of the different types of videos. 


Also TikTok helps me learn new music. There are even playlists you can look up on Spotify that are about all the different songs that got their fame from the app. 



 I listen to this playlist from time to time because all of the songs that are frequently used end up getting stuck in your head, so you might as well be able to listen to them all the time. 


Another reason to listen to the songs on their own is to do the dances that people have made up with them: 


There’s a ton of other dances as well, but those are just a few examples. 


This is probably the most popular dance trend there is, and it’s honestly my favorite:




Tik Tok also created the trend of “VSCO girls,” girls who wear oversized t-shirts, Birkenstocks or crocs, have Hydroflasks, and wear scrunchies. I basically just described my entire wardrobe, so I feel personally attacked. One thing I don’t do is say “sksksksk” or “and I oop” unless I’m being funny with my friends. Here are some examples of VSCO girl videos: 



And that’s TikTok for you. Hope you all take a minute (or a few hours) and explore the addictive world--I hope you enjoy!