Warped Tour: Here For A Good Time And A Long Time

We knew Warped Tour would never die...


On November of 2017, the founder of warped tour, Kevin Lyman, announced that it was warped tours last cross country tour. Warped tour had been around since 1995, bringing many people closer to their favorite performers/artists. When most heard the announcement they were devastated that the summer of 2018 was going to be the last warped tour. Or so we thought. On December 18th, 2018, Lyman announced warped would be coming back to celebrate their 25th anniversary summer of 2019. However, this tour would be slightly different. There will only be three touring locations with two days in two of them.




The first stop is in Cleveland, Ohio on June 8, this show is the most affordable show out of the three but also has the smallest venue. Warped is known for bringing numerous people together to celebrate punk rock, but this year it's limited to 2000 people for Ohio. PreSale of tickets were released on February 25  at 10 AM and within one hour over 7000 people were trying to buy a ticket to Ohio, as my best friend and I were one of them.


After their stop in Ohio, they travel to Atlantic City, New Jersey on June 28th and 29th. This show has the most expensive presale tickets with 2-day early bird general admission starting at 99.50 where they are only selling 1000. Then the price jumps to 129.50 for 2day general admission.

And the final stop of Warped being in Mountain View, California.




Amongst the annoyance of there only being three stops for this tour and the price of the tickets being increased 3 times more than the normal cost. On March 1st, we were hit with some more unappealing news. This being the lineup. Now the line up isn’t terrible but it’s not what everyone would expect for the “25th”’anniversary for Warped unless you are going to the Ohio show since you only get to see 6 performances compared to the other two that have numerous amounts of artists.


Despite the limited shows and the small line-up for certain locations, Warped tour is always a great fun time to connect with fans with similar interest. If you have the time, money, and love for punk rock then I would highly suggest going. I know I would if I could!