UIPatty's: My Experience

This past weekend I was able to attend IUP for its annual IUPatty's Day.  

I have been to IUP in the past but I haven’t been up for this special holiday. I always imagined riots in the streets, and people going absolutely crazy, but it wasn’t like that at all. I stayed at 2 frat houses all day on Saturday, and we were allowed to hang out and drink freely and openly because it was their property. As long as there was no commotion, the cops really left you alone. At some points, undercover cops would come up to some people and ask for their ID’s, but it was nothing major.


I have heard so much about IUPatty's and didn’t think I was going to enjoy myself at all, but it turns out I actually had a super enjoyable time. Of course, there were lots of drunk people everywhere, but it wasn’t as crazy as I suspected it to be. IUPatty's has always been such a hyped-up thing, but I think there is an actual reason that it is hyped up: because it IS fun. You get to hang out and meet a bunch of new people.


Are there any downsides? YES and want to know the worst part is? FINDING SOMEWHERE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM, it was AWFUL. You would have to wait in lines of 20 people just to go, and of course, the big sweaty drunk guys that would always fall on you and ask you for your snapchats...



Other than that, I am definitely going to go back next year, and I feel like it’s a must to go before you graduate from college.


Image sources courtesy of Giphy