Top 5 Movie Soundtracks of 2017-2018

I am a huge advocate for movie soundtracks; they can bring you back to not only specific scenes in a movie, but they also just add really great music to your playlists. Because I’ve found that people don’t always know what movie soundtracks to take time to listen I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 movie soundtracks from 2018. Get ready to plug your headphones in and turn the volume up!


5. Fifty Shades Darker



This entire soundtrack encompasses the dark and dirty aspect of the movie. A great playlist for more intimate moments is just its nature, and with the numerous big artists, the soundtrack has an easily digestible sound.



4. Fifty Shades Freed



Okay, I promise I don’t just love these movies. This album is better than the darker album in my opinion because it’s both longer and has more of a variety of genre. Again, most songs have a more sensual sound, but with songs like Never Tear Us Apart by Bishop Briggs, there’s a more visceral nature to this soundtrack.


3. Ready Player One (Kind of)



This has every classic rock song you can imagine. From Bruce Springsteen to Twisted Sister to Prince, this soundtrack has everything. It’s a great soundtrack to play when you’re driving with your windows down in the summertime. Now this isn’t the official album, but I personally love the playlist that has been created; A solid 60 songs long, it’s great for an entire day spent cleaning binge.


2. Call Me By Your Name



Okay, this one I admit resonates with me because I just love the movie so much. The soundtrack is exactly as beautiful and delicate as the movie itself, and everytime I hear the songs I am transported to this emotions I felt with a specific scene. It’s light yet poignant and I encourage everyone listen to this soundtrack as soon as they can.


1. Black Panther



Just like the box office hit, this soundtrack has depth and beat. It has huge artists like Kendrick Lamar, SZA, and Khalid. This is the best soundtrack to listen to while on a run or while on the way to class. There’s a reason it’s been at the top of the soundtrack list for a while. It’s a pump up soundtrack!


Now I entirely admit that this is opinion-based. I realistically know nothing about the composition of music; I merely know my own opinion.


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