Too Hangry To Deal

You know when you have a long day and you just haven’t had the time to eat? You keep saying that you’ll use your break to get ahead on your week, or that you’ll eat in a bit. Then you get to a point where you’re in a position where you’re hungry, but you aren’t able to eat. And THEN you are kicking yourself about not eating earlier in the day, and that not eating pushes you to the point of anger. That’s called feeling hangry, and feeling hangry is never a fun time. Hangry is a feeling that most of us have felt throughout our lives with or without realizing it. Here’s all the symptoms and thoughts that can come from being hangry:

  1. Easily Irritated – When you are hangry, people will just seem to never want to leave you alone. You are trying to count down the sweet, sweet minutes to eating time, but Janice from your chem lab group just won’t stop trying to talk to you. You’re more likely to be irritated at the smallest things like a pencil tapping or a pen clicking when you’re hangry.
  1. Lashing Out – When hangry you are more likely to lash out. Being angry is already an excuse to start becoming a ticking time-bomb, but when you add hunger to that mix you open up a can of worms that should’ve stayed closed. This includes not only lashing out at people, but sometime pets.
  1. Eating EVERYTHING – When you are hangry sometimes in order to get you through you think, “Oh I’ll just grab this snack real quick. It will will hold me over for a bit”, so you eat a Nutrigran bar and 15 minutes later you think you might actually be dying of starvation. Then you repeat the cycle until you finally have a real, satisfying meal.


“What would I do for a Klondike Bar? I’d do some strange things for a Klondike Bar at the moment”

“I would kill for a big bowl of mac n cheese right now”

“It’s 3 o’clock Betty and I still haven’t had lunch yet, please don’t talk to me”

 “Go away”

“Why is everyone so annoying, gosh”

“I swear if this kid keeps talking to me I’m gonna pull a Gone Girl”

PLEASE go away”

 “I could probably eat 43 pounds of pasta right now”

“I h8 everyone right now”

What do you do/think when you’re hangry?


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