A Toast to the Douchebags: The 5 Guys You Meet on Tinder

Tinder. We all know about it and most of us have probably used it at one time or another. Sometimes we find some decent guys on there, but most times they aren’t so great and you try to pretend it never happened. Personally, I’ve met guys on there that I regret not dating and guys that I regret so much as kissing. It’s a hit or miss app that is fun to swipe through. So without further to do, I would like to toast the douchebags ages 21-30 within a 15 mile radius.


1. The guy that is quite obviously only there for sex


The lack of face in his picture is the first giveaway...swipe right at your own risk.



2. A former classmate from high school



You thought you were being nice but the guy from your 10th grade French class is actually a little too kinky for comfort.



3. The “Nice Guy”



Silly nice guys, everyone knows if you’re truly a nice guy, you don’t have to say it.



4. Obviously a catfish


Some are comedy gold, most are disappointing



5. Your Ex



Let’s just say it never stops being weird


Guys say questionable things… sometimes it’s funny and other times it is down right concerning. But are we surprised? Keep swiping or stop, it’s completely up to you just make good choices. And if anyone is interested in becoming an obedient sex slave, I know a guy.



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