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Because of Quarantine, I’ve been on TikTok so much more than I usually am. Any time I’m bored or have had enough of YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. I turn to TikTok. It also has given me plenty of ideas of things to do while I have all this extra free time. Here’s some of the things I’ve tried: 


  1. The heatless curls using a bathrobe belt

 This may seem like such a silly hoax when you first watch one of these videos or hear about it, but this hack WORKS. I don’t even think when I’ve done it that I’ve done it correctly and it still looks good! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to give their hair a break from heat during quarantine and doesn’t want to keep rocking the messy bun to try it out! Check out the TikTok on how to do it! 

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels



  1. This super easy tortilla pizza “recipe” 

There are a TON of recipes on TikTok but I’m a pretty lazy cook and honestly in quarantine I’m only really in charge of my breakfasts and lunches, dinners are more up to my mom as she likes to use her time to cook too! I stumbled upon this “recipe” on my For You Page. It’s more of an idea for a recipe or meal since you can kinda customize it any way you want! I’ve made versions of it twice now and they’ve been amazing both times, would definitely recommend it! 

pizza slice pulling from whole pizza



  1. Dances, dances and more dances.

There are a million and one dances on TikTok to learn and I honestly have been using learning them as my daily exercise because I’m too lazy to do anything else. If you’re looking for a fun way to get moving I would suggest turning to fun TikTok dances! 

Kayla Bacon-Carefree Fall 2
Kayla Bacon / Her Campus



  1. Buy. All. The. Beauty. Products.

I’ve watched a million and one videos on what products people recommend from places like Target, Ulta and Amazon. Although, money is a little tight right now so I haven’t really been able to purchase anything, I definitely have a longggg list of things to buy after all of this is over. 

skincare products sit clustered together on a table or vanity
Charisse Kenion | Unsplash




  1. Started my One Direction phase again

I think all of the past “Directioners” on TikTok have all simultaneously gone back to their 1D phase and I love it. This also could be started by all the rumors that there’s gonna be some kind of reunion or celebration of their 10th anniversary in July. I don’t know what it is but I am into it. 




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