SuperFan By Tiffany Zinn

Fan• girl/ boy

  1. A fan of something (female/ male) who is obsessed with the said subject to a certain

degree (normally unhealthy).


Hello, I’m Tiffany, and I am a fangirl.

Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of those girls you see on the today show that camp out for days just to get front row for the concerts, well I am here to give you a rundown on the inside working of a fangirls brain and how to be a superfan.


There is one thing on the mind of every fangirl, and that is the celebrity they are fangirling over. Fangirls want to make sure they dedicate a good amount of time to this said celebrity. This said celebrity probably changed the fangirls life in some way to make a significant positive impact on their lives. This said celebrity quickly becomes a big part of the fangirls life and they are basically willing to do almost anything for this said celebrity. The said celebrity becomes a positive, and joyful figure in their lives. Long story short this celebrity takes over a superfans life.

Personally, this celebrity, or celebrities in my case, is 5 Seconds of Summer. I have seen them in concert 5 times, have spent hundreds of dollars on their merch and even sat in an airport for 13 hours to see them.


If you're ever trying to upgrade your fangirling to super fan level, this is the right place to be! Welcome to the Wiki How on how to reach super fan level:

Make a fan page/ get into a group chat with other fangirls/ follow a lot of fan pages. Fan pages and group chats are going to be your number one source of information for all things about your chosen celebrity. If you're trying to find information on how to meet your celebrity, a group chat is going to be your best friend. Don't make it to big but get a trusted group of people in your same area and basically turn into FBI agents. Find everything you need to know including hotel and flight info. Just remember to be respectful of the celebrity and don't harass or bombard them! A lot of information about the celebrities information can be found through people around them. If it's a band, check opening acts, managers, photographers and tour assistant's pages.

The number one thing you need to have with being a superfan is patience. Being a superfan can feel like one long waiting game. Your waiting for more content to come, to be noticed, to meet them and so on. Just have patience and be calm. Then it's an entirely different story when you're trying to “randomly” meet your fav celebrity. Get ready to just wait, and wait. If you're trying to catch them at an airport, just accept that you will be living at that airport for the next 8 hrs. If you want to meet them after the show be ready to either wait 3 hours after the show for them to leave or miss the last song to catch them right after they step off stage. If you want to be barricade for a general admission concert be prepared to stand in line for 10 hours before the doors even open.

The last thing is to be ready to just dedicate your whole paycheck to everything to do with this celebrity. If it's a band be prepared to drop all your money on concerts, traveling, hotels, music, and merch.


It seems like a lot of work for one person or a group of people. But when you're a superfan, the time you walk through the doors to the concert, the time you finally meet them, the time a new movie comes out, makes all of your dedication worth it.