Steven "Soso" Jackson '20

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Soso aka Steven Jackson is a freshman at Behrend and commonly recognized for constantly dancing while walking and for his irresistible positive attitude. It originates from his basic ideals that he tries to uphold every day for himself and broadens to others to help improve their days and lives.

Major: Communications

Involved in: Model UN and Volleyball club

Favorite music: I like all kinds of music, I can’t pick a favorite.


What makes you want to dance so much?  

It’s an outlet and it’s something fun for me to do. It makes other people happy and I like to make others happy and feel good about themselves.


How do you stay so positive?

I see the world as what it is and disregard the negative. I keep an outlook that today’s important. I don’t want to see anyone looking down on themselves so I try and help people see the lighter side of things. I try and bring positivity into everything, any little bit I do. If I see someone who’s upset I try and make them happy or dance to make them smile. I like to live by the motto “more love, less hate”.

In what ways does dancing help you?

It distresses me and also is a good workout.


How did you first get involved in dancing?

I started dancing when I was younger. I used to watch a lot of dance movies and I wanted to do stuff like that so I copied them. I made them my own and started making up stuff and got pretty good. People liked it so I went from what they liked.


What is the funniest thing that you've done while walking and dancing?

 During beach volleyball that first week we were here, I was saying the lyrics to “This Is What You Came For” walking around pointing at people.


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