Spring Break, Spring Break Forever: Essentials For A Successful Spring Break

As we countdown the days to a much anticipated break from our studies, whether you’re flying down to Florida to spend a week in the sun, or venturing to Los Angeles in hopes of seeing major celebs, a skillfully packed suitcase is crucial to a stress-free spring break.

For my first actual college spring break (YAY), I am lucky enough to be flying to Miami for a week of fun in the sun. These are the essentials you will find me excitedly packing within the next few days as I prepare for what I hope to be the best break yet!


First Things First- What Will I Wear?

For me, I will be hopefully wearing a bikini 85% of the time I’m in Miami. More specifically, spending 85% of the time in a bikini on the beach in Miami. Mix and match suits have been a major lifesaver, and space saver, when it comes to traveling. You can bet you’ll find at least 3 different tops and 3 different bottoms in my bag that I can mix up. Who cares if that orange top doesn’t go with that green bottom? It's spring break – rock it girl.



The other 15% of my vacation I will probably be found wearing my favorite homemade jean shorts, a few cover-ups, and some of my favorite sundresses. Don’t forget shoes! A pair of beach flip-flops, like Havianas are perfect for the hot sand, and I’ll be sporting my favorite white Jack Rogers, or maybe my monogrammed black Jack Rogers? Who knows, I have a few more days to decide right?! #panickedpacker 



I’ll also be carrying a cute beach bag for my towel, water bottle (hydration is key!), sunscreen, sunglasses, and anything else I can think of as I’m running out of the house to the beach. Maybe I’ll get one of those huge straw hats. What do you think?



Spending all day in the sun and salty air can really take a toll on your skin, and hair. So don’t forget these beauty essentials:


SUNSCREEN: MAJOR KEY. Instead of turning lobster red after the first day in the sun, I can assure you I will be constantly putting sunscreen on my body, more importantly my face. Although I’ve neglected this step in past years, I have become more aware of sun damage and its consequences, so I won’t be caught dead leaving the house without an SPF. Lather it on your face, chest, arms, legs, stomach, and back. Don’t forget the tops of your feet and your ears!


Dry shampoo: AKA how I survive. Dry shampoo is a staple in my life now, so it will obviously be coming with me. It cleans my hair and doubles as a volumizer. Paired with the au-naturale beach waves from the salt and ocean water, I think I’ll have the best hair in Miami. 


Body butter: Nobody wants to peel away layers and layers of skin, especially that bronze color you worked so hard to achieve all week. Make sure to remember to hydrate your skin, either with an aftersun lotion, or your favorite nourishing body butter.



Waterproof Mascara: Check to see if your favorite mascara comes in a waterproof formula because dark, raccoon eyes are definitely not attractive. If it doesn’t, maybe it's time to try out a new one! My current favorite is Maybelline’s The Falsies Push Up Drama. #lashtastic


Face Wipes: Some of the best inventions I’ve found are the most simple. Sometime you just don’t have time to shower, so make sure to pick up a pack of these face wipes (they even remove waterproof mascara!) to assure you don’t miss out on anything!



Chapstick: To protect my lips from burning and blistering, I’ll be layering on my favorite Sun Bum chapstick with an SPF 30. Sunburnt lips are one of the most painful experiences, so make sure you pack a chapstick that has an SPF to protect your pout!



I’m Bored, Now What?

Laying out is a learned skill, but crafting a master plan to pass the time has sure helped. Before you leave, update your phone with some of your favorite tunes to listen to as you soak up the sun (RE: Cheryl Crow). Don’t forget your headphones!  

Laying in the sun is a prime time to catch up on celeb gossip, the latest trends, and what is going to be hot for fall, so bring a few magazines with you! I’ll be reading the newest Glamour and Cosmopolitan.

Another way I’ve passed the time is through reading a book, or two, or three. The ones you can catch me re-reading this break are Uganda Be Kidding Me, Lies That Chelsea Handler Told, and Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. If you’re in the mood for an LOL-worthy book, pick up one of these before you hit the road!



Happy spring break, Collegietes! Tweet me and tell me what you are packing @madelinereichel @HCPSBehrend #SpringBreakEssentials #SpringBreakForever




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