Spa Day! (At Home)

At Home Spa


As nice and relaxing as a spa is, on a college budget it might not be in the cards. Lucky for us there are nice and fairly affordable things that can be done at home as opposed to a spa! You can color your hair, perm your eyelashes, do your own gel nails, and do facials all by yourself. After an initial investment, most of these things are affordable, quick, and easy.


At Home Hair Color:

You can always buy box hair coloring, and while it might not be highly recommended by the salon experts, it gets the job done. You can add streaks of color or even dye all of your hair a new color all by yourself! Also, you can purchase shampoo that will tint your hair depending on how often you use it. These are super affordable alternatives considering the price of getting your hair done.



At Home Eyelash Perming:

You can purchase an eyelash perming kit on Amazon for under $20. If you haven't heard about this practice it involves putting several different chemicals on your eyelashes to permanently curl them which lasts for several weeks. I have personally tried this and I wouldn't recommend. Aside from the risk involved in putting harsh chemicals close to your eyeballs it also gave me a less than ideal result. While it is possible to perm your own eyelashes, you might want to leave this one to the professionals. If you happen to be eyelash savvy and want to give it a try, you can pick one up on Amazon!



Gel Nails:

I recently invested in my own gel kit to save time and money. So far I really love it. I picked up the Sensationail kit on Amazon for about $25. You can pick up more colors at Walmart and it basically pays for itself after two applications. It’s really easy to use and it truly does stay on for over a week.




It is so easy to pick up a facial at the drugstore or online. Face masks come in all shapes and sizes and you can get them specified for your skin issues. I try to use a face mask about twice a week and they are so much more affordable then heading to the spa. They might not have as good of results as a spa facial would but they definitely help for a much cheaper price.



So next time you need some relaxation but don't have the time or the money, turn to some at-home spa things. All of these can be done affordably and relatively quickly. During college, it is important to have some you-time, but not too much since exams and assignments are constantly hanging over your head. It’s also super helpful to save as much money as possible so these are awesome alternatives.

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