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With recruitment just around the corner, you may be considering a sorority, but you have never gone through something like this before. You do not know what to do, where to go and who to talk to, the list goes on. However, don’t be afraid! We’ve created this nice, little guide to sorority recruitment!

1. Start with going to kickoff or some kind of info session

This gives you a chance to learn about all of the opportunities of sorority life on campus, and get to know which one of them might be the right fit for you. This will also allow you to learn more information on requirements to make sure that you are ready to go through this process.

2. Attend as many events as you can

This allows you to be able to get to know the sisters of the sorority and ask questions. The more events you attend, the more you will figure out where you belong and you will have more of an opportunity to make a stronger connection.

3. Be yourself

This one is for both girls going through recruitment and those who are already members. It’s very important to be yourself and for those going through recruitment, you will find someone that you connect with there is no reason to pretend to be something you are not.

4. Pay attention to social media and what leaders are telling you.

  • Listen to what the people in charge are telling you, you will get a lot of information thrown at you during recruitment time and people in charge are there to guide you through. You want to make sure you listen closely to what is being said so you know where you should be and what you should be prepared for or wearing for events like pref night or bid day!
  • Social media nowadays will be your go to, especially when it comes to knowing who’s having events and where they are! It will be your tell all to what is going on in the sorority that you are looking into. So make sure you follow them on social media and keep up to date with what they are posting.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Recruitment season is one of the most stressful but also must fun times of the year! You get to meet so many new people (take advantage of this, you could meet your new best friend, no matter if they are another potential new member or a member of a chapter) and get to attend a lot of events that are fun and well planned! And don’t stress about it, you’ll know what chapter is right for you and you will find your home! Just have a lot of fun and be yourself, it’s going to be an experience that you remember for a lifetime

There is someone in charge of recruitment for each sorority you are looking into and they most likely will have the answers to all of the questions you want to ask, and if they don’t they know where to go to get the answers. So make sure you find out which sister is in charge of recruitment for the chapter you are looking into and make them your best friend, you want to know all you can before joining. You also have people like Rho Gammas that are there to not sway you one way, be honest and answer all question you may have, while guiding you through this process. Get ready to have a lot of fun!

6. Think everything through

Joining a sorority is a big decision so take your time and think things through. Never rush into anything you are not ready for. You have hundreds of girls that are there to help you! You will know what feels right!

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Native of Santa Clara, CA Senior at Penn State Behrend Management Information Systems Major HerCampus PS Behrend, President Alpha Sigma Alpha
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