Skyward Story: Genuine, Talented and Definetly Worth the Look-Up

Skyward Story is a pop punk band from Baltimore, Maryland. After listening to them, I have been convinced of their talent, however, I really discovered how amazing these guys were after attending a concert. The Band really focuses hard on their career and making great music while also caring for and interacting with fans as much as possible.

While they were still known as 3 pm, members Scott Montgomery and Brandon Millman spent their time outside of All Time Low concerts and even at warped tour. They made it a priority to go city to city and introduce their music to potential fans, which is how they built their fame. They had a lot of success with their album Slow Me Down, which is still under the name 3 pm.

Now as Skyward Story, they have a new third member Aaron O’Connor, which the two members found on social media. Over the last year, they have been working hard on covers, putting their own twist on popular songs like “Closer” and “Want You Back”. They also are releasing incredible original songs like “Hey” and “Trading Secrets”. Their album titled Reborn is coming out in January and is available for preorder now. On top of that, they have recently been doing tours around the US alongside a few other bands which are starting again on January 7th which is in Delaware.

Skyward Story is a band that really love what they do and the fans that they do it for. They allow the fans to get to know them better by posting YouTube challenges and vlogs of their tour. They are also willing to help their fans out with anything they need or allow them to come sing on stage with them during the show. Being a smaller band it really allows a true connection with the band. I can say from personal experience they are one of the nicest and most honest bands I have ever meet.

Do not just take my word for it. Their talent also speaks for itself and not only will you get to listen to their amazing music, but you will get to connect with a genuinely amazing band. With Aaron as lead vocals, Scott on guitar, and Brandon on the drums their music just works perfectly with each other. The band has even worked with a top-notch producer Matt Squire who has worked with artists like Panic! At the Disco and Ariana Grande. Their sound has developed over the last year and I know with great confidence that this upcoming album will be a smash.


Their stage presence is also something to speak on, they put on a lively set that keeps you highly engaged the whole time. It makes you really want to put down your phone and live in the moment. It was a concert that I will never forget!


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